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People's Movie Critic Archive

  • Lamar reviews - Vacation

    If we wait around long enough maybe Hollywood will run out of 30 year old movies to remake and come up with something new. Until that happens we watch Mad Max, Point Break, Terminator, and Vacation. With Vacation economically it makes sense. 50 year olds remember the original and want to relive how funny it was so that is your box office base. 20 year olds have no idea so it’s new to them. And 14 year olds that manage to sneak into R-Rated movies love jokes about poop and body parts. Read More
  • Lamar Reviews- Ant-Man

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  • Lamar's Review- Minions

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  • Lamar's Review- Magic Mike XXL

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  • Lamar reviews - Ted 2

    The good news is this film is absolutely perfect for its target audience. The bad news is, that audience consists of 13 to 15 year old boys and Todd. Sadly only Todd is old enough to get in. As I have discussed before making a sequel to a successful comedy is not easy but as with all comedy sequels no matter how bad it may be, it is driven by money. The original Ted cost $50 million to make and it took in $550 million. It was Universal’s highest grossing movie in 2012. Which explains why they took a chance on A Million Ways to Die in the West, which tanked. Read More