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People's Movie Critic Archive

  • Lamar Reviews-Fury

    First it was Inglorious Basterds and now Fury. Brad Pitt and World War 2 go together like peanut butter and jelly. He really seems comfortable in the role of a soldier. But I expected him to be awesome, the big surprise was Shia LaBeouf who went off the deep end and disappeared. Well, he’s back, but maybe not totally. His performance is dead on the money but during filming he did pull his own tooth and refuse to shower for weeks at a time in an effort to better get into his character. Eventually he was forced to move out of the hotel where the rest of the actors and crew were staying to a bed and breakfast a few miles down the road. Read More
  • Lamar Reviews-The Judge

    I’ve been waiting on this movie ever since I saw the first trailer. Robert Duvall at 83 with a career that spans over 53 years has made over 140 movies. The man is an extraordinary actor. Robert Downey Jr. with over half that many has proven himself to be as versatile an actor as you will find. It’s been a while since he did major serious role. Since 2009 it’s been comedies and super hero movies. Read More
  • Lamar defends his choice

    We're one day closer to the people's movie critic and his review, but there's one problem. Todd and Lamar are fighting over what movie he will review. To ease the tension between the two we opened up the phones and let the listeners decide on the movie this week. Do you agree? Read More
  • Lamar reviews-Gone Girl

    Let’s be clear, before I review this movie understand that I am not a Ben Affleck fan. And for him to be in a movie where he is suspected in the disappearance and possible death of his wife makes perfect sense. So far in his career he is responsible for sinking Pearl Harbor, destroying the beloved comic book character Daredevil, and even as I speak he’s planning the slow and agonizing death of the Batman franchise. In his defense, on the positive side he has The Town, Argo, and Matt Damon. I still don’t like him. That being said he is way awesome in this movie! Read More
  • Lamar reviews-The Equalizer

    I was a huge fan of the TV show that aired from 85 to 89. When I saw that Denzel was making this movie I was like a kid at Christmas. And let me say for the record, just like Santa Claus Denzel does NOT disappoint! I have yet to see a role he cannot play. He makes it look effortless because he never appears to be trying too hard, if anything he's always understated. His confidence level in every character he plays i2 off the chart. He believes that he is that character and therefore we believe it too. The smooth way he carries himself along with his facial expressions, especially his eyes, speak way more than the dialog. His smile can be calming and reassuring, or it can make your blood run cold with fear, depending on what character he’s playing. He spends a lot of time in this movie quiet and perfectly still yet the tension and the apprehension of explosive action is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Read More