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People's Movie Critic Archive

  • Lamar reviews - A walk in the woods

    This may turn out to be an example of marketing genius. All across the country you have hundreds of thousands of mall walkers with beige Velcro fastened walking shoes and fanny packs logging in thousands of miles but not spending any money. Every one of these malls has a movie theater. This movie is the perfect fit. I actually went at 4:30 which is this movie’s busiest time. My friend Pat and I were the youngest people in the theater by far. Read More
  • Lamar reviews - We are your friends

    The movie is 96 minutes long, Rated R for language, drug use, sexual content and some nudity. Read More
  • Lamar's Review- Straight Outta Compton

    Straight Outta Compton Read More
  • Lamar Reviews- The Man from UNCLE

    Considering that 75% of ticket buyers weren’t born when The Man From Uncle television series aired in the mid-60s you’d think it was a risky move to make this film. But considering that was the same time period of the TV show that sparked 5 Mission Impossible movies that have taken in almost 2.5 Billion dollars, it’s worth a shot. The big difference is the movie time periods. Mission Impossible movies are set in present day and the Man From Uncle is set in the early 60s and is an origin story about how everything came to be. This could be a mistake. A younger audience might not connect with the 1960s European cars having a high speed chase at an average speed of 38 miles per hour. This same audience might not appreciate the fashions of the time, much less understand the Cold War or Germany being separated East from West. And I’m not sure if it might not wind up being a man woman thing. 15 minutes into the movie I’m enjoying every second and Carla said “this is horrible, I’m taking a nap.” I'm like "How are we married? I don't even know you! When we get in the car are you going to tell me your vegan?" Read More
  • Lamar reviews - Vacation

    If we wait around long enough maybe Hollywood will run out of 30 year old movies to remake and come up with something new. Until that happens we watch Mad Max, Point Break, Terminator, and Vacation. With Vacation economically it makes sense. 50 year olds remember the original and want to relive how funny it was so that is your box office base. 20 year olds have no idea so it’s new to them. And 14 year olds that manage to sneak into R-Rated movies love jokes about poop and body parts. Read More