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People's Movie Critic Archive

  • Lamar Reviews- Get Hard

    Let me issue a warning. If you search the internet for information on this movie don’t just enter the title. You need to search for Get Hard the movie Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. If you just search the two word title you will get many, many, things. Lots of videos, quite a selection of different devices, and you’ll receive lots of emails concerning various prescriptions from Canadian pharmaceutical companies. Read More
  • Lamar reviews - Insurgent

    The chemistry between Tris and Four is good but it’s not great for me. I like both characters and they are great in their roles but them together as a couple, I hope gets better in the next 2 movies. Read More
  • Lamar reviews - Run All Night

    I have been referring to this movie as Unknown Non-Stop Taken 6 because except for being on an airplane without a child in jeopardy Liam Neeson has played basically the same character in his last few movies. But if he’s guilty of anything it’s giving people what they want, which seems to be him running around shooting, stabbing, and beating bad guys to death. And trust me, nobody loves that kind of thing more than me. But doing weak, for the money, sequels to the really good original Taken has left a bad taste in my mouth for Liam Neeson as an action star. Surprisingly Run All Night may be the movie mouthwash to make me forget the last two. Now this is not a great movie but compared to the last 2 Taken attempts it is a huge improvement. One of the reasons is Neeson doesn’t have to carry the entire movie by himself. He shares the work with Ed Harris and Vincent D’Onofrio. Both of these guys can carry a scene. Read More
  • Lamar reviews-Unfinished Business

    Going to a Vince Vaughn movie is like stopping at a gas station and seeing that they sell Barbeque, Chinese food, and Ice Cream. You want to go in but you are a little scared. How can this combination be good? But if you don’t try it you might be missing the greatest thing ever. You could also be wasting your money and regret it eight hours later. That is what this movie feels like. Read More
  • Live from NY ... It's the people's movie critic.

    The people's movie critic has spent the past weekend in NYC enjoying the sights and sounds. After a great weekend of seeing Wicked on Broadway, Lamar gets stuck at the airport. What other adventures did he encounter while touring the Big Apple? Read More