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People's Movie Critic Archive

  • Lamar Reviews-Nightcrawler

    This is a thriller but in the creepiest possible way. The movie is really, really good but only because of Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance as Louis Bloom. But just as important if not more so was his appearance. Gyllenhaal, a small framed man to begin with, lost 20 pounds for this movie. He worked out 8 hours a day and either ran or road a bike to the set every day. The gaunt look he attained made his eyes the most noticeable thing in the movie. The fact that he only blinked them 3 times in the entire movie keeps you focused on them. As you look at the fake smile and listen to the fast robotic speech with perfect manners, you can’t look away from his dead eyes. Read More
  • Lamar's trick or treating disaster.

    The people's movie critic joined us in the chatroom to discuss trick or treating in the country. Lamar had to drive from door to door because his neighbors lived so far away. There was not time for rest stops with Lamar's mom at the wheel. Read More
  • Lamar reviews - Ouija

    Well, Todd finally got his way and instead of seeing John Wick, a movie that might finally cure me of my disdain for Keanu Reeves, I saw the movie about the Ouija Board. What I didn’t tell Todd was my reluctance was not just based on me not liking horror movies. I have a past with the Ouija Board Sometimes when Daddy was drunk and passed out in the chair me and Mama used to set up the card table and break out the Ouija Board. Looking back I’m pretty sure she wasn’t trying to bring back a spirit as much as seeing if any spirit might want my Daddy. After a while Mama said playing the Ouija Board with me was a waste of time. No matter what question she asked the answer was always bacon. She had her agenda, and I had mine. Read More
  • Lamar Reviews-Fury

    First it was Inglorious Basterds and now Fury. Brad Pitt and World War 2 go together like peanut butter and jelly. He really seems comfortable in the role of a soldier. But I expected him to be awesome, the big surprise was Shia LaBeouf who went off the deep end and disappeared. Well, he’s back, but maybe not totally. His performance is dead on the money but during filming he did pull his own tooth and refuse to shower for weeks at a time in an effort to better get into his character. Eventually he was forced to move out of the hotel where the rest of the actors and crew were staying to a bed and breakfast a few miles down the road. Read More
  • Lamar Reviews-The Judge

    I’ve been waiting on this movie ever since I saw the first trailer. Robert Duvall at 83 with a career that spans over 53 years has made over 140 movies. The man is an extraordinary actor. Robert Downey Jr. with over half that many has proven himself to be as versatile an actor as you will find. It’s been a while since he did major serious role. Since 2009 it’s been comedies and super hero movies. Read More