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  • #JustSheri- Paranormal Expert John E.L. Tenney

    Paranormal investigator John E.L. Tenney talks with Sheri about his near-death experience and his new TV show GHOST STALKERS. Read More
  • Britney caught the Halloween cold

    Britney joined us this morning in the chatroom to talk about her Trick or Treating disaster. She had just moved from California to Wyoming and didn't know to bundle up for Halloween. Snowstorm and the sexy police officer equal Britney's near death experience. Read More
  • Lamar Reviews-Nightcrawler

    This is a thriller but in the creepiest possible way. The movie is really, really good but only because of Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance as Louis Bloom. But just as important if not more so was his appearance. Gyllenhaal, a small framed man to begin with, lost 20 pounds for this movie. He worked out 8 hours a day and either ran or road a bike to the set every day. The gaunt look he attained made his eyes the most noticeable thing in the movie. The fact that he only blinked them 3 times in the entire movie keeps you focused on them. As you look at the fake smile and listen to the fast robotic speech with perfect manners, you can’t look away from his dead eyes. Read More
  • Morons in the news.. 10-31-14

    Today's morons in the news features a man sporting the t-shirt "Go directly to jail". A female moron jumped in bed with her sleeping neighbor. Plus a deer loose inside a Cedar Rapids furniture store. Read More
  • Deer runs wild through furniture store.

    The owner of an Iowa furniture store said security cameras recorded a deer running buck wild through the store before leaving through the back door. Read More

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