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  • Sports Confuse Me 7-02

    Jim dropped in to talk about the latest gossip from the National Enquirer about Tiger Wood's latest lover. Chicago Cubs celebrate an awesome foul ball catch. Tom and Gisselle getting snubbed at Boston country club. And England chokes at the World Cup. Read More
  • Clip of the day... Uncle Sparkle's list for Bob.

    Bob has this grand plan for the #RVcrazy tour, but Uncle Sparkles has some hard cold truth about life on the road. Here's Sparkle's top ten list for Bob's life on the road. Read More
  • Morons in the news.... 7-02

    Today's morons include a man calling 911 to complain about his wife. Another morons decided eating pizza and drinking beer was the right thing to do while driving his car. And the top moron of the day is a lady that hopped the fence at a Mexican zoo to poke a croc. Read More
  • Man helps shark back into the Atlantic ocean.

    A North Carolina beach visitor captured video of a man grabbing a stranded shark by the fins to guide it back to its ocean home. Read More
  • Morons in the news.. 7-01-15

    Today's morons include a man attempting to slip drugs to his wife while she's in prison. Another moron attacks a watermelon with a sword and we have the video. Plus a moron that called 911 to report her bad haircut. Find out what the rest of the morons are up to. Read More


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