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  • Justin Bieber goes country

    Justin breaks out some classic country shirtless.. Check him out singing Johnny Cash's 'Ring of Fire". Read More
  • Bob and Sheri's moron of the day.. 8-26

    Today's morons includes a man that tries to hide his identity by covering his head with a t-shirt. The only problem is that he forgot that he had his name tattooed on his back. Find out what other morons are doing. Read More
  • Morons in the News 8-25

    Today with morons in the news, you hear all the time only you can prevent forest fires, but seriously... ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES! Read More
  • Back To School "Baby Got Class"

    Ready for your kids to get back to school? Then you will love this song!Parents rap to Sir-Mix-Alot style in a way that you will enjoy! Check it out here! Read More
  • Lamar reviews- The Expendables 3

    I’m not saying the cast of this movie is old but, the average age of the 3 biggest names is 69. Word is they had toyed with a few different titles for this movie; Hey You Kids, Stay Out of My Yard, The Revenge of the Mall Walkers, or my personal favorite, Hey, Turn That Crap Down! But they settled on the easy to remember Expendables 3. It’s been two years since the last Expendables and they really wanted to get this one out sooner but naps, multiple overactive bladders and having to eat dinner at 4:30 slowed down production. Read More

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