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  • Morons in the news 7-31-14

    Today's morons include a woman getting pulled over drunk driving and using her mother's identification to get out of it. Another moron couldn't get enough of the condiments at Burger King until the police arrived. Read More
  • Bonus Moron of the day... 7-31-14

    A Florida man ended up with a messy face after an incident at a Burger King and it wasn't because he overloaded his Whopper with too many condiments. Read More
  • Moron of the day 7-31-2014

    West Virginia prosecutors are mulling criminal charges against a couple spotted yesterday morning engaging in some naked bondage play alongside U.S. Route 40 in West Virginia, according to police. Read More
  • Sports confuse me 7-30-14

    Today Jim dropped in to talk about the comments of ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith which have now become headline news. Whoopi Goldberg even chimed in about his comments on the view. Listen to hear what Jim, Bob and Sheri think about it. Read More
  • Morons in the news.. 7-30-14

    Today's morons include a Ghostbuster that needed to take care of a ghostly spirit that had taken over a female's body. Another moron decided to start a riot at a wedding reception in New Jersey. Find out what the other morons are up to. Read More

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