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  • Princess yellow feather sings

    A Florida pet store shared video of a musically talented parrot belting out her rendition of "Everything is Awesome" from The Lego Movie. Read More
  • Orangutan knows the secret.

    A visitor to England's Colchester Zoo recorded the moment an orangutan put his face to the glass to kiss his partner's pregnant belly. Read More
  • Morons in the news.. 7-30-15

    Art imitates life in Morons in the news. The real life Walter White is demanding his stuff back after being busted for selling Meth. Another moron got popped for stealing from Spenser's and it wasn't your normal shoplifting item. Find out what the rest of the morons are up to. Read More
  • Moron of the day.. Real life Walter White

    Methamphetamine trafficker Walter White wants law enforcement officials to return his gun, truck, and other belongings confiscated during a raid, according to court records. Read More
  • 2 year old gets special birthday wish.

    When her son turned 2 years old earlier this year, L’erin Dobra had the typical quandary — choosing a birthday party theme. Pirate? Firefighter? Superhero? Harry Potter? What? Read More


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