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  • Morons in the news... 10-30-14

    Today's morons include a sad zombie that got pulled over not once but twice for DUI. A breastfeeding burglar that robbed a pharmacy. Plus former stripper running for public office. Read More
  • Lt. Governor candidate use to be a stripper.

    Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor in Arkansas John Burkhalter said being a male stripper in Little Rock was one of the many “tough jobs” he had in his past. Read More
  • Moron of the day... 10-30-14

    The upstate New York woman was arrested twice Saturday morning for drunk driving. Butler’s busts came about three hours apart, according to police. Read More
  • Jim Carrey's best moments from SNL!

    Here are some great clips of Jim Carrey when he hosted SNL last weekend. The first clip is his parody of the Lincoln car commercials. The second one is Jim dancing to Chandelier. Prepare to laugh! Read More
  • Bob's tips to fight the cold and flu season.

    Here's another list from Bob.. This time of year we all have be sure to protect ourselves from the cold and flu season. Make sure you're doing these helpful little tips to stay healthy. Read More

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