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Shuistrology with Ellen Whitehurst 8-01-14


Although this is a mixed bag of a month it does hold one of the potentially luckiest days of the whole year. August can sometimes be a difficult month because of the extreme activation of the fire element. Yang, or what some may call aggressive energies, ar at their greatest and the Sun is at its zenith. This month’s chi is therefore considered to be full of passion, activity and action – but too much of any of that can ‘burn you out’ so you need to be sure to balance the yang with ying (water) energy so that you can enjoy joy and fun, laughter and love. Swim or run through the sprinkler and even eat cool foods like melons and mangos too. Stay cool and calm and collected too and you will enjoy this August more than most.

AUGUST 1 Vivacious Venus is trine practical Saturn today so it’s up to you to speak your PEACE. Now, aggressive Mars is squaring off against Jupiter (uh oh) so you need to watch your wallet and keep your credit cards close to your vest (as opposed to on the counter at Neiman Marcus!) But there’s a strong money vibe moving through this whole day so, speaking of your wallet, I hope that you have cleared all the clutter out of yours and sprinkled a little ginger inside of it while you’re at. A LOT of ancient traditions say that having a bit of powdered ginger in your wallet will attract more money to you. Doesn’t mean that you should spend it – just go ahead and attract it. Today would be THAT day.

AUGUST 2 Mercury the Messenger is conjunct generous and lucky Jupiter making this a TREMENDOUS day to get your message out there. Travel could allow you to have a wonderful adventure too. But Mercury is also square impulsive Mars so that could put a damper on that whole communication vibe so if you do decide to get your inspirations and ideas out there then use as much diplomacy as you can. As my dear old Da used to say – “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” You can help those efforts right along if you put six smooth crystal balls (you can use clear glass marbles if need be) anywhere in your living room. This is a great Feng Shui cure for excellent communications – so get CLEAR on what you want to say and go ahead and share, baby, share.

AUGUST 7 Aggressive warrior Mars is in a harmonious trine with spiritual Neptune today so you should not only be to share your feelings in a tender and sweet way but should be the recipient of someone else doing the same. Just in case though, there is an ages-old recipe that promise that people who drink it will think sweet thoughts and say sweet words as they forget their anger and their problems. Simply mix almond milk and saffron together and boil and either drink it yourself or serve it to someone who could use the sweet results.

AUGUST 8 Mercury the Messenger is trine unpredictable Uranus while the Sun is trine Uranus today too. This is a happy day. Any projects you start now will be so successful you won’t believe. Do the happy dance sometime today. Locate the CHILDREN/CREATIVITY of your living space (center or middle of right-hand side of the environment) and turn on some music that makes you move and smile and laugh out loud.

AUGUST 9 The Sun is square practical Saturn today so y ou can expect to working through a lot of your responsibilities, duties and details too. Even though it’s a Saturday you can still be really and highly productive today so put your list together and get to it. You might want to start with cleaning out the bathroom since this philosophy says that room represents your sense of self-confidence and esteem. Killing two agendas with one effort!

AUGUST 10 Today’s Full Moon is called a ‘Supermoon’ but presents a mixed bag of energies. The Sun and Full Moon are square stinkeye Saturn. Unpredictable and surprising Uranus is sextile the Full Moon and trine the Sun too. What does it all mean. It’s all good. Go to your bathroom and tell yourself how much you LOVE you. Look into your own eyes and just say those three important words. It will make a world of positive difference if you make this a daily routine!

AUGUST 15 Wow, wow, wow, this is a really powerful day. Pluto is sextile Mars making POWERFUL transformation the order of the day. Bring on the rocket. Place an image of a rocket taking off into space in the FAME area of your living space (back center or middle of back wall) and you will see some exceptional results after 9 or 27 days!

AUGUST 17 This is the SUPER DUPER STELLAR DAY of this month and could potentially be one of the best days of the whole year! But, in order for you to find out how best to use these excellent and exceptional energies you will have to be a subscriber to my free monthly newsletter. Get on over to and sign up now so you never miss a Super Stellar Day again!

AUGUST 18 Mercury the Messenger is opposing nebulous Neptune today meaning that some facts and details could be really confusing. Don’t sign (or even agree to) anything until after August 21. If you need to sign anything use the Feng Shui ‘Prosperity Signature.” That signature begins with the first letter of your first name slanting up and to the right. The last letter of your last name should do the same thing and the ENTIRE signature should slant slightly up and to the right.

AUGUST 21 Mercury the Messenger is trine powerful Pluto so it’s a great day for finally putting your John Hancock on any agreements and/or contracts. If I were you I would still use the auspicious ‘Prosperity Signature’ anyway. See August 18 for those directions.

AUGUST 25 Okay, try to stay with me here. First there is a New Moon in Virgo today while the Sun and the New Moon oppose foggy Neptune. Venus is square her consort Mars and Saturn too. Now, balancing all that potentially pissy energy out is mercury the Messenger sextile Mars and Saturn and Venus in a harmonious trine to Uranus. You may want to just take everything a bit more slowly today with all of these energies swirling all around but on the whole there are better prospects than not. How about a little prayer to Archangel Jabriel who will, according to author and angel archeologist shine a bright light on your path while also clearing away all difficulties and obstacles? Invoke his intercession three times and then say this: “Archangel Jabriel, Archangel Jabriel, Archangel Jabriel. Clear my path. Light my way. Make it easy every day.” Can I get an ‘Amen’?

AUGUST 26 Venus is squaring off against stinkeye Saturn today so you need to lay low and definitely NOT put your money where your mouth is. In fact, placing a small statue of Buddha immediately inside the front door (and facing as if he is looking out) will help to not only attract abundance and money but will bring in some fortune and luck as well.

AUGUST 27 Venus is still stirring up trouble by having an argument with her cosmic lover Mars today. Watch out for ridiculous disagreements with special and significant others. Keep the Feng Shui Double Happiness Symbol somewhere close by to surround you with special and significant and LOVING energies!

AUGUST 29 The sizzling Sun is opposing nebulous Neptune today making this a great day for using your creativity but not so great for spending money. Again. Locate the CREATIVITY area of your home (center or middle of right hand wall) and put something metal and round there. If you put seven metal coins there (any denomination) then the whole money thing might not apply to you at all!

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