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Ellen Whitehurst with Shuistrology for July 2014


JULY 1 Mercury the Messenger revs its engine and starts heading direct again after being in retrograde the last three weeks. We’re still not completely out of the woods so, if possible, don’t sign or start anything new yet, but, you can start planning on moving forward yourself in just a few short days. Start that ball rolling by putting your front lights on – inside and out – for three consecutive hours a day for three consecutive day. And, then, you’re good to go!

JULY 4 HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Except with the Sun opposing powerful Pluto I’m not sure just how happy this day will be. There could be some sort of power play in the works or could be that someone will be overly domineering even as you try to ignore them. I know this sounds counterproductive to this particular holiday but if you can stay away from crowds and/or stay close to just a few select loved ones then you will have a much better chance of enjoying this day. If you do find yourself in a pissing match with anyone, set off some firecrackers outside of your front entryway to dispel and lingering negative or bad chi. Blast the bullshit away.

JULY 6 Venus, the goddess that governs love, money and really good hair days is SEXtile electric Uranus today with SEX being the operative part of this hook up. Could be that if you’re single you might find yourself engaging in the same thing. If you’re already attached your commitment will deepen, especially if you do something to celebrate your love. Red sheets on the bed can cause either or both.

JULY 8 Uh oh. If you thought it was hot outside wait until you see the slow burn going on under your collar – or under the collar of those around you. You can thank the sizzling Sun squaring off against surprising Uranus for this bit of heat. Just lay low and don’t try to get anyone excited and/or on board with any of your projects or plans. This would not be THAT day. With the Sun in a lovely trine with Saturn it would be best to spend some time planning for your future. If you want to push those plans along you could also burn a red candle in the ‘Fame’ area of your living space. That is located at back middle or center of back wall.

JULY 12 Busy, busy, busy. Full Moon in Capricorn while Saturn trines Uranus. The Grand Cross (with Uranus) opposes Mars (yikes!!!) while Uranus and Mars square off as well. The good news is that the Sun is (widely) conjunct Jupiter and Saturn is sextile the Full Moon while also being trine the Sun so you could cut through the crap and end up having a positive day as long as you put a little elbow grease into that same effort. It wouldn’t hurt to spray a little orange essential oil/distilled water blend (10 drops oil to an atomizer filled 70% with water) around your space to keep spirits lifted and mood up too.

JULY 13 Oh la la. Venus and her consort Mars are making love all over the place today. You should be too. Put a Double Happiness Symbol behind the headboard of your bed and leave it there for 27 days. Or until death do you part.

JULY 16 Jupiter, oft referred to as the Santa Clause of planets, enters Leo today. This is the first time that this has happened since August of 2002. Go to any internet image search engine and look up Jupiter’s glyph. Replicate that same image on your front entryway threshold in cornmeal and then just leave it there until it blows away. If you share a common space then you can vacuum it up tomorrow. Attracting abundance from Jupiter is a fine way to spend this day.

JULY 18 The Sun is square aggressive Mars making this a good day to bounce ideas off of colleagues, co-workers and/or friends but I probably wouldn’t pitch anything right now. Go ahead and brainstorm away though as there might be some really good ideas that come out of that activity. Giving away nine things to someone or someplace that can use them also opens space for more opportunities so you might want to spend some time on that effort today too.

JULY 21 With Mercury the Messenger opposing powerful Pluto someone might be trying to get more money from you than you are willing to give. Don’t be bullied or pushed around. Push back. And be sure to draw a green dollar sign on the inside of your left hand today to give YOU a little extra push too.

JULY 22 The Sun is entering dramatic Leo while Jupiter orbits very close by. As these two move towards an outrageously auspicious conjunction you could see the start of a new cycle or phase happening. It’s ALL good. But if you want to make it better take out the Treasure Map that you made on the first New Moon of April and put it under some sort of light. You could put it in a window and let it absorb natural light or simply place it under a lamp or light fixture. Illumination is always a good thing.

JULY 24 Today could possibly be the LUCKIEST DAY of the entire year so, of course, it’s also our SUPER STELLAR DAY of the month. And once you see the ‘formula’ I gave you to take advantage inside the Super Stellar info you’ll see how lucky YOU are too! Of course, you can only get this important and potentially life-altering information if you are a subscriber to my free monthly newsletter. What? You’re not? Well get your tushy over to and sign up ASAP so you never have to miss a beat again.

JULY 26 New Moon in Leo while Neptune, Saturn and Venus all form a golden triangle. Me likey. You will too. Even with Venus opposing Pluto your creativiey will skyrocket and any sort of artistic efforts will soar. Play music in your ‘Children/Creativity’ area (middle or center of right-hand wall in your living space) in order to get this party started.

JULY 31 Venus is squaring off against Uranus while she shouts at you to hold on to your wallet. Don’t let your love life get your down either. This too shall pass. Carry a bottle of Back Rescue Remedy and take as needed. Just follow the directions on the label.

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