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Lamar's Review- How To Train Your Dragon 2

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How to Train Your Dragon 2

This is like a cartoon version of Game of Thrones. Well, except for the cussing, the bloody combat, the gruesome decapitations, the sex and nudity. Ok, maybe it’s not the same at all and that’s why you don’t let a 12 year old watch Game of Thrones. But it does have dragons and it’s awesome. The other week I talked about how sequels struggle to be as good as the original movie but there are some exceptions. This is one of those exceptions.

The first How to Train Your Dragon was a huge hit. It is one of those animated movies that is not just for kids, adults enjoyed it too. That makes the pressure to get the sequel right even bigger. They didn’t just rehash the same movie again, they expanded the storyline to show how the village has changed since the dragons are not the enemy, but an important part of the community.

We catch up with Hiccup, voiced by Jay Baruchel, as he’s going through his teenage years. His dad, the village chief Stoick, voiced by Gerad Butler has plans for him to take over as chief. Hiccup is more comfortable with flying around on his dragon Toothless and mapping out new Viking territories and hanging out with his girlfriend Astrid, voiced by America Ferrera.

When Hiccup discovers dragon hunters lead by Drago, voiced by Djimon Hounsou, who is planning to control all the dragons and attack the village, he must figure out a way to stop him. Along the way he makes a surprising discovery that will change his life forever.

This movie is less happy go lucky than the first one. It has a darker tone and you need to know going into it there will be some deaths to deal with. I’m saying that to people taking younger kids to see this but it’s mostly a warning to the adults. The average 9 year old has killed hundreds of zombies, soldiers, and monsters so death is nothing but points. Just be forewarned to take you some tissues because you will be crying and if you’re not you need to see a professional because emotionally you’re dead inside.

102 minutes, Rated PG for adventure action and mild rude humor.

My Score: 6 Juice Boxes