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Ellen Whitehurst with Shuistrology for June


JUNE 4 Lovely and vivacious Venus is sextile philosopher Neptune today so it would be the most perfect time to take your thoughts out for a spin. Neptune is also associated with the arts so you may wan to present one of those creative thoughts to someone who might (literally) buy into them. Before you do that though, do be sure that you light a red candle in your ‘FAME’ area (back center or back middle of your living space) so that you can get those energies – and your enthusiasm – all kinds of heated up!

JUNE 6 Sun is sextile unpredictable Uranus so you know what that means right? Impulsive spontaneity will rule the day! Just do whatever your gut tells you to do and you’ll end up in the right place, at the right time with all of the right people too! But if you want to make doubly sure that happens than put six clear quartz crystals into your ‘HELFPUL PEOPLE’ area (lower or front right hand corner) and keep them there for at least nine days (if not forever!)

JUNE 7 Mercury the Messenger goes retrograde today. If you must sign anything important during the next three weeks do be sure to use the Feng Shui ‘Prosperity Signature.’ Beginning with the first letter of your first name, slant the top of the letter up and to the right. Do the same with the last letter of your last name while making sure that the entire signature is slanted slightly up and to the right.

JUNE 8 Venus is trine powerful Pluto today so you can expect some good (and passionate!) lovin’…, hot, hot. Use red sheets on your bed. If you’re not in an existing relationship pink sheets should remedy that in no time at all.

JUNE 12 Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is kind of a mixed bag. Warrior Mars is opposing surprising Uranus and stinkeye Saturn is doing same to Venus too. On the other hand, expansive and generous Jupiter is in a harmonious trine with Saturn although that Santa Claus of planets will also be squaring off against Uranus too. The best advice that I can offer, with all these diverse astro energies unfolding, is to keep your nose to the grindstone until the 5 o’clock bell and then go and have yourself a grand ole time! A little bit of work, a little bit of play, a little bit of making the most of this mixed bag.

JUNE 14 Uh oh. Impulsive warrior Mars is squaring off against powerful Pluto today. Uh oh. Lay low. And keep your bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy handy at ALL times. Four drops under the tongue four times THIS day.

JUNE 18 This is the SUPER STELLAR DAY of this entire month and, boy oh boy, it is ever – SUPER and STELLAR that is. You know the drill. You can only get the why and wherefore and what to do if you are a subscriber to the free monthly newsletter. That’s my monthly gift to all subscribers. So if you want to claim yours, hurry over to and sign up. You’ll be glad you did!

JUNE 21 Sun enters Cancer making this the Summer Solstice. Take a red or orange candle and with something small and sharp inscribe an image of the sun on it. Light the candle and make a wish. Let the candle burn all the way down. Your wish (and this candle) WILL light up your life!

JUNE 25 Mars opposes Uranus and everyone around seems to have a really short fuse. Remember that Bach Rescue Remedy that I spoke of earlier. Uh huh. Four drops under the tongue, four times THIS day too. Stay cool, calm and collected. One way to do that is to write down some of your blessings and/or what you are grateful for. That will keep you busy and far from the maddening crowd.

JUNE 26 Another mixed bag of a day. A New Moon in Cancer while Sun and New Moon trine Neptune too is perfectly lovely. As is Jupiter is trine Saturn. ALL good. But, then, Pluto is opposing the Sun while Mars opposes Uranus. Those last energies speak to surprise and separation. Creativity and intuition will both play a role but you’ll have to watch a tendency towards being overly emotional – especially on the homefront where the energies could be inflammatory and/or strained. Burn some violet incense in your living space. This is called the ‘happy’ incense in Feng Shui and will lift both spirits and moods. A kind of smoke signal SOS for a day that will be unconsistent.

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