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Lamar Reviews - Maleficent

If you had to choose an actress to play a beautiful evil witch (spelled with a B), that could cast a spell on somebody and totally ruin their life, what name would come to mind? I can hear Jennifer Anniston, hand up screaming “I Know, I Know Pick Me, Pick Me”!

Imagine my absolute shock to find out that the story we have been told about Sleeping Beauty our entire lives is not true! I’m not talking about a few facts that might have gotten confused over the years. Oh no! Come to find out the version of Sleeping Beauty we all know and love is nothing more than a made up Fairy Tale! I’m not one to be litigious, but I think I smell a class action lawsuit coming down the road. This one is like an episode of Dateline! The perpetrator of the heinous crime not only turns out not to be the villain, but in fact she is the victim!

I really believe this movie would be a waste of time if not for Angelina Jolie. She has captured the essence of Maleficent and she looks exactly like the Disney animated version of the character.
This movie shows us the origin of Maleficent as the king of the fairies with huge wings and awesome power that she uses to protect the magical forest and all the fairies and creatures that live there. She saves a human boy, they fall in love, and he betrays her and steals her wings to rule a kingdom. If you’ve ever watched 5 or 6 episodes of Snapped on the Oxygen, and let’s be honest you can’t watch just one, you know how that’s gonna work out.

She throws the curse on the King’s new daughter Aurora, played by Elle Fanning. Yes the curse is a bad thing but what’s Maleficent supposed to do? The King is a lying, self-centered, jerk who betrayed her.

Maleficent starts to have feelings for Aurora as she watches her grow up and begins to regret the curse.

It is 97 minutes long, Rated PG for fantasy action and violence with some frightening images.

Angelina’s actual daughter is in the movie because she was the only small child that wasn’t terrified by the costume. And believe me it is an awesome costume that she wears well. When you add those eye along with that very evil smile it is a very scary look

Brad Pitt I can assure you is in a relationship that was easy to get into but would be a nightmare to get out of.

My Score: 4 Buds

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