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Lamar reviews - Neighbors

Normally an R-Rated comedy about a fraternity would appeal to a mostly male audience. Women would attend mostly because it’s a chance to go out to a movie. That is not the case with this movie. There are 3 main reason women will enjoy this movie. 1. Zach Efron is shirtless. 2. Zach Efron in tank tops and unbuttoned oxfords. 3. Zach Efron shirtless cracking walnuts with his abs. Well, that didn’t actually happen but I’m pretty sure he could if he wanted to. My abs are more suitable to rolling pizza dough or making biscuits!

Each year there are a lot of R-Rated comedies but very few of them are actually good enough to be memorable. Animal House, Something About Mary, American Pie (first one), Old School, Hangover (fist one only), and the most recent one, Bridesmaids. I’m not going to say we’ll be talking about Neighbors years from now but it definitely sets the bar for 2014.

This is a story about a married couple, Mac and Kelly played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. They have a new baby and live in their dream house in a great neighborhood.
Their perfect life is disrupted when a college fraternity moves in next door. Zach Efron plays Teddy the President of the fraternity and Dave Franco plays Pete his VP. Considering them selves to still be cool Mac and Kelly go next door to prove it in what turns out to be an awkward meeting. Refusing to let go of their wilder days they party with the fraternity thinking everything is going to be cool but it gets out of hand. When the all night partying keeps the baby awake and the frat guys refuse to hold it down they call the cops. This starts an all out war. After having an unsuccessful meeting with the university dean, played by Lisa Kudrow, they find out that 2 more disciplinary strikes will cause the fraternity to be disbanded. Mac and Kelly decide to do whatever it takes to make this happen. At this point the movie sets storyline to the side and brings out every outlandish and raunchy comedy stunt you can imagine and few you couldn’t. One involving breast pumps and another with plaster casts of frat guy’s body parts.

The movie was originally written with Mac and a group of guy friends going to war with the fraternity but Seth Rogan’s wife read the script and said it would be better having the wife as his partner. She was right. Rose Byrne was the bomb in this movie.

The movie is a perfect 96 minutes and Rated-R. This is not a movie for the squeamish. There are no limits to language, drug use, and sexual comedy. I don’t think this would not be a movie your Mom would want to see with you on Mother’s Day. If it is you must have had a way more interesting childhood than I did!

Let me go ahead and say that Neighbors 2 In the Hood and Neighbors 3 Retirement Community will not be funny but trust me, they’re coming.

My Score: 5 Buds

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