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Ellen Whitehurst with Shuistrology for May


MAY 2 Mercury the Messenger opposing practical Saturn means that no matter what you will need to keep your work and attend to all of your responsibilities. Here are some other words that you should keep to as well. They come from my favorite New Thought teacher and author, F. Shinn, and will hold you in good stead if you say them nine times a day each day of this month. “Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free, and endless avalanches of abundance are poured out upon me, under grace and in perfect ways.” Venus is also entering Aries today too so these words will have a particular import.

MAY 3 Shining Sun in harmonious trine with powerful Pluto pushes you to ask for what you want from someone in authority and/or power. These planets promise success on that front. So will hanging a six-rod metal wind chime in your ‘Helpful People’ area. That space is located in the lower or front right-hand corner of home and/or office.

MAY 6 DING! DING! DING! We have us another a-MAY-zing SUPER STELLAR DAY! Now, you know that you can only access this information if you subscribe to my free monthly newsletter so get yourself on over to and do exactly that. Believe me, you don’t want to miss the opportunities coming on this special and spectacular day!

MAY 10 Even though the Sun opposing Saturn might sound a little testy, the reality is that there is HUGE opportunity to be mined today if you remain fully focused and attentive to an intention and/or goal. I promise that if you do, rewards (and the goal) will come to you. Stick to yourself, don’t get distracted and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. With a red pen, write your goal down nine times and read that same thing at least nine times every day for the next nine days. Good things come to those who sit and wait. And read their goals written in red ink.

MAY 11 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the moms out there. Venus is opposing Mars today (uh oh) while Mercury is squaring off against Neptune (uh oh.) Take the day off and lay low. Let the kids take the reins. It’s YOUR day anyway.

MAY 12 Chatty Mercury, all full of excellent and innovative ideas, is beautifully trine to impulsive Mars making this one of the best days this month to get together brainstorm or write or give a TEDTalk or negotiate a contract or….or…..or…..Obviously communications go very well. You can help them along by hanging a clear quartz crystal over your bed, over your desk or in the center of your bedroom too.

MAY 14 Today’s Full Moon in Scoprio conjuncts taskmaster Saturn while Saturn opposes the Sun and Pluto squares off against Venus. There are so many other planetary pissing matches happening during this Full Moon that I’d be here until the next one (Full Moon that is) if I listed them all. Suffice to say that any news that you hear today you must take very seriously as this sobering lunation will force us to face reality. That might not be such a bad thing either. If you want to guarantee that it’s not then light some violet incense (the “happy incense” according to Feng Shui) in the ‘Fame’ area of your home and/or office (back center or far back middle) and sniff, sniff, sniff away.

MAY 15 Mercury the Messenger is going to sextile both Venus and Uranus today while Venus will conjunct unpredictable Uranus too. Expect the unexpected but in a favorable and good way. You may hear something surprising but it will both welcome and sweet. Turn on your front entryway lights – both inside and out – and let them burn for at least three consecutive hours. This invites opportunity, fortune and luck into your life. Good things come in threes.

MAY 18 Get out and about in the big, wide world today with Venus square Jupiter. It might cost you a bit more than you should be spending but, on the other hand, it will be worth any benjamin you spend. If you are feeling a bit guilty that you laid out too much cash and coin then be sure to put a jade plant in the ‘Wealth’ area of your home and/or office. Jade is considered THE most precious gem in the Orient and this plant is said to attract more of them (and cash and coin) to you too. Place it in far back left-hand corner.

MAY 24 Hope, expansion, luck, happiness, growth. Security. Stability. Structure. That’s Jupiter trine Saturn alright. You don’t even need to do anything to enjoy these energies today but if you wanted to open all the doors and windows and let all this new energy infiltrate your living space, well, of course, I wouldn’t stop you!

MAY 28 I know that some astrologers believe that today’s New Moon has a mixed outlook associated with it, but, I don’t believe that. I think that ventures and new relationships started now will pay off in handsome and wonderful ways before this year is through. Start something NEW today. Just do it. And guarantee success by sending pink light from your heart to whatever it is. Surround your efforts with pink and loving light and you will, well, LOVE the eventual outcome.

MAY 31 You’re going to feel a burst of renewed energy to add to your recently renewed outlook today as the Sun is trine energetic Mars. Remember that Mars has been in retrograde mode for most of May but is moving forward now and SO SHOULD YOU. See advice from May 28 and double down!

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