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Lamar Reviews - Draft Day

Make no mistake Kevin Costner is hot right now! Five movies this year. 59 looks good on him and he is killing every part. As Clark Kent’s father you wished he was your daddy! In the Jack Ryan movie you didn’t even miss grumpy ass Harrison Ford, and I mean that in the best possible way. The man is staring at 72 and an enlarged prostate ain’t no joke, and sometimes the music is too loud.
This movie overall is not a movie for me. I don’t care anything about NFL football and I have no clue about, and no interest in the Draft. If you are listening and you feel the same way and decide to skip the movie you will be making a mistake. I still don’t care about the NFL or the Draft, but I sure did enjoy the movie. And mostly because of Kevin Costner. His smooth relaxed style is easy to watch and the way his voice can just slightly break with emotion will pull you out of your seat and right into the movie.

Costner plays Sonny Weaver Jr., the general manager of the Cleveland Browns.
He is having a not so secret relationship with his coworker Ali, played by Jennifer Gardner. I really like Jennifer Gardner but no matter what is happing, action, romance, sadness, fear, or comedy, she always has that expression that makes me think of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Or maybe it’s being married to Ben Affleck. Denis Leary did a good job as the team’s coach. I believe Denis had a little work done on his face. I’m not saying it’s too much but when he blinks his eyes I thought I saw his ears wiggle. The movie is full of stars, athletes, the actual NFL commissioner, and tons of ESPN personalities. That really added to the feeling you were watching the real Draft. Ellen Burstyn still beautiful at 82 was fantastic as Sonny’s mom.

Sonny is feeling the pressure from the owner played by Frank Langella to make good choices in the draft. His career is riding on it.

This is a sports movie, but it’s not just a sports movie. It is a movie for any Kevin Costner fan.

It’s Rated PG-13, 1 hour and 49 minutes long which was just the right length.

The movie takes place in one day and you’re on the clock from the start. They managed to make me feel tension and excitement about a subject I care nothing about. I really enjoyed it.

My Score: 4 Buds

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