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Ellen Whitehurst with Shuistrology for April


APRIL 1 ……… The Sun is squaring off against Jupiter today but that will actually turn out to be a positive and good thing. You are bound to feel vital and vibrant and your energy will be high. It’s a good financial day too so do be sure to share with the knowing that whatever you give away will come back to you three-fold. You know what else attracts triple digit financial increase? Sprinkling a bit of ginger on the inside AND the outside of your wallet too.

APRIL 2 ……… Sun conjunct Uranus means that anything can happen today (and the next few days too) and probably will. It might be best for you to take it easy the next few days and not make any moves one way or the other. Although you may be yearning for independence this is not the day to let freedom ring. Rather, put a bell in your ‘Knowledge’ area (front or lower left-hand corner of your living space) in order to stimulate creativity, clarity and mental movement. You may also want to enact this same cure because Mercury the Messenger is trine practical Saturn today too practically guaranteeing that talks will go well. Again though, just brainstorm but don’t make any formal decision or moves.

APRIL 3 ………. The Sun squares off against powerful Pluto today creating more tensions now too. Lay low or don’t say that I didn’t warn you. And surround yourself with bright white light too. This will keep you positive and protected.

APRIL 8 ……… Sun opposition Mars makes you feel courageous and could cause you to challenge someone in authority. DON’T. Compromise and cooperation should be your bffs today. Now, speaking of best friends, a bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy will be one now too. Have it handy.

APRIL 11 ……… Venus conjunct Neptune makes this the perfect day for romance or even to simply just enjoy a relaxing evening too. If you want to wash worry and stress down the drain then this next bath is just the soak for you. Add one tablespoon of sesame oil to bathwater. Put two tablespoons of uncooked rice and one chopped, unpeeled, raw potato in a net. Suspend the net in the water. Lie down in the tub, close your eyes and concentrate on the end of your coccyx. While doing this massage the soles of your feet. Forget Calgon, this is ancient Taoist magic taking you away.

APRIL 14 ……… SUPER DUPER STELLAR DAY! Now, you know you can only get this information by being a subscriber to my free monthly newsletter. Hurry and sign up at to get your gift of Super Stellar Day information meant just for you!

APRIL 15 ……… Okay, try to follow me here. Today is a Full Moon total eclipse with a tight cardinal cross occurring now as well. Mars is square Jupiter and Jupiter is square Uranus and Mercury. Mercury and Uranus are opposing Mars. Pluto is square Mars and Uranus and they are opposing Jupiter too. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Okay, so, on the one hand, shift happens and mark my words a change is going to come sometime soon. But the good news is that this change will open the way for better circumstances and new more productive and positive energies and events to come. You can proactively make that happen by leaving both inside and outside front lights on for at least three consecutive hours a day for three consecutive days. It’s all about the illumination baby.

APRIL 16 ……… Mercury the Messenger is opposing impulsive Mars so you will not only have to watch what you say but you’ll need to be careful about how you say it as well. Unless you are saying these words from F.S. Shinn: “All that is mine by Divine Right is now released and reaches me in great avalanches of abundance, under grace in miraculous ways.” That’s the only thing you should be saying today. Otherwise, keep it zipped.

APRIL 17 ……… Venus trine Jupiter. Closerunnerup to April Super Stellar Day! It’s an almost perfect day filled with pleasure, fun, kids, romance and harmony too. Look at yourself in the mirror, smile, imagine that you are pinching that same smile off your face, open your mouth and – SWALLOW YOUR SMILE. This is an ages old Balinese Shamanic way to feel the happy both inside and out.

APRIL 18 ……… Venus sextile Pluto makes this a perfectly perfect evening to engage in some romance. Pour the champers and dip the strawberries in chocolate and don’t forget to spray a little ylang-ylang essential oil around too. Ylang ylang equals oh la la!

APRIL 20 ……… Jupiter’s crabby today. First he squares off against Uranus and then he opposes Pluto too. Don’t spend a cent. NOT ONE RED CENT. Or don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

APRIL 21 ……… Uranus square Pluto – again – sigh. SO SICK OF IT! His ongoing battle between these two won’t reach conclusion until March of 2015 and is responsible for much of the meltdown and tension we have been experiencing – especially during the last two years. Burn some violet incense. According to Feng Shui, violet incense is called ‘the happy incense’ and is believed to be able to lift your spirits and your mood too. Burn baby burn.

APRIL 22 ……… Mars square Jupiter means that money will be wobbly the next few days. Just repeat after me: “I AM NOT MY LACK.” All day. Every day. For next three days. At least.

APRIL 23 ……… Mars opposition Uranus says that you could come into conflict with someone with a short fuse. Steer clear. And surround yourself with white light. Mars square Pluto says this power struggle could conceivably get out of hand. Keep a small statue or even an image of a rooster on your desk and point the beak in the direction of the one trying to dominate you. This is an ages old Feng Shui cure that promises protection from these very same sorts of energies. Cock- a – doodle –DO YOU!

APRIL 26/27 ……… These will be a pleasant and lyrical few days. Take a short trip somewhere serene. Even if that journey only takes place in your imagination. But if you can get near some water, the ions can wash away some of the stress and tension of those earlier yucky April days.

APRIL 28 ……… Okay, I know you’ve heard all about this MONSTER SOLAR ECLIPSE with today’s New Moon in Taurus. Change comes rapidly but it doesn’t have to all be bad. In fact some of it can be pretty positive because Taurus’s ruler, Venus, will trine Saturn today too. That said, I’d still be laying low if I were you. You can be sure that I will be too. And I’ll be sleeping on healing and peaceful green sheets while doing same.

APRIL 29 ……… Mercury the Messenger trine powerful Pluto so you can feel free to open your mouth again now. If you need to ask for something then today would be THAT day. Ask away. You might want to visualize the conversation and a beautiful outcome first – just to set the stage.

APRIL 30 ……… Sun sextile Neptune while Mercury sextiles Jupiter. All the unpredictability ends. Whew. Made it through. Now, put some fresh flowers in the center of your house and enjoy all the angels that action step attracts.

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