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Lamar reviews - 300 rise of an empire

When a movie makes over 450 million dollars like the original 300 did, there is for sure going to be another one. And to be safe they are not going to do anything too different. That means Sheri’s favorite; buffed out gorgeous shirtless men toting big swords. The only thing I saw more of than chiseled pecs and slabs of abs was digital blood. Of course all of this is after the 15 minutes it takes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness and lack of color with 3D. I’m still not sure what the appeal is to 3D. What you get is not worth what you give up, not to mention the $4 for the glasses.

This is not a sequel and it’s not a prequel, it takes place before, during and after the events shown in 300. It’s just in a different location. The Persians are attacking Greece and in the midst of battle Themistocles, played by Sullivan Stapleton fires an arrow that kills King Darius. Darius’ son Xerxes vows revenge. He is the 10 foot tall gold guy in 300. In this movie we see how he transformed into the “god king”.
Themistocles visits Sparta to ask for King Leonidas’ help but doesn’t get to see him because he is getting ready to take 299 hot bodied warriors to battle. The queen played again by Lena Headey refuses him. As the 300 are holding the pass, Themistocles is taking 50 Greek ships to battle Persia’s fleet of 1000 ships.

All of this is confusing and doesn’t really matter. What does matter is the one thing that makes this movie worth sitting through. Artemisia, the female naval commander played by Eva Geen. She owns this movie. She is a badass of the first degree. At one point in the movie she beheads a guy, picks his head up by his hair, gives him a long deep kiss, and throws the head overboard. After being defeated in two battles by Themistocles and she both respects him and hates him. She meets with Themistocles and tries to get him to come to her side by putting something on him that Ajax couldn’t scrub off! It was hot, hot hot!!

It’s an hour and 45 minutes, Rated R for violence, nudity, sex scene, and language.

If you were a big fan of 300 you will like this one. It’s not as good the second time around but its got swords, blood, muscles, naked woman, and sex. That worked the last time and it will work this time.

My Score: 4 Buds but only because of Eva Green

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