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Lamar Reviews-Mr. Peabody and Sherman

This is a pretty bold move to do a remake of a 5 minute section of the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons made in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The majority of people who remember Mr. Peabody and Sherman are not in the age group that goes to animated movies. But if they do take their kids or grand kids they will enjoy some of the same sarcastic humor and clever if groan inducing puns. At the same time there is enough animated action and some butt jokes to keep the young ones riveted to the screen.

In the original Mr. Peabody who is a beagle who happens to be a genius, a business magnate, inventor, scientist, Nobel laureate, gourmet cook, and Olympic medalist adopts an orphan named Sherman. He invents the WABAC machine to travel back in time so that he and Sherman can correct mistakes that would change history. The writing was some of the best in cartoon history, the animation, the absolute worst. In the movie Mr. Peabody who is voiced by Ty Burrell from Modern Family, uses the WABAC to educate Sherman, who is voiced by Max Charles, with first hand experiences. And because this is a hour and half movie instead of a five minute vignette we have a more complicated storyline involving Mr. Peabody working on his parenting skills and battling a social worker who is trying to take Sherman away because a dog cannot be a fit parent. Sherman has a romantic interest named Penny who is voiced by Ariel Winter also from Modern Family.

The movie is at its best when they are time traveling. They visit King Tut in Egypt, Leonardo da Vinci as he’s painting the Mona Lisa, Agamemnon as he’s breaching the gates of Troy in the wooden horse. Agamemnon is voiced by Patrick Warburton who should be in every animated thing every made.

It’s a DreamWorks picture so you know how good it looks. I really enjoyed the movie and it’s got me searching YouTube for the original Mr. Peabody episodes along with Fractured Fairy Tales, and Dudley Do-Right.

Its 92 minutes long Rated PG for action and brief rude humor. For me it was like going back in time to one of the funniest cartoons of my childhood.

My Score: 5 Buds