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Ellen Whitehurst Shuistrology for 3-03


This month holds a heavy emphasis on relationships but not all of them will be of the romantic or even of the personal variety. In fact, the astro energies swirling around in March could be responsible for connections of all kinds but mostly of the professional or even group related kind. Exciting and insightful intellectual partnerships and/or groups could form as an offshoot of all of the excellent brainstorming energies out there. March is promising us that creative combinations will result in some highly unusual but opportunistic alliances. This is all really great news especially since the planet that governs all things communications, Mercury the Messenger is slowly moving forward as March arrives. And, then, Jupiter, the Santa Claus of planets that brings us blessings and luck will also come out of retrograde early in the month and will start moving in forward motion again as well. This planet will exponentially help all of us to expand and nurture relationships and our social networks as well. It’s a highly social month with a lovely indication of a high degree of compassion and cooperation as well. This is a cosmic window opening and allowing us to fine tune our promotions, presentations and our public relations as well, so, go ahead and take advantage of a fine time to showcase your talents and your gifts. You’ve got them. Now the whole world wants to see them.

MARCH 1 ……… A positive and beautiful New Moon in Pisces will have you kicking up your heels and high stepping into March. Neptune will be conjunct the sizzling Sun and this New Moon also encouraging enhanced creativity. Generous Jupiter is trine the Sun and New Moon adding exponentially to this feeling of enthusiasm and optimism that is hugging this wonderful day. Open all the doors and windows, if only for a few minutes and let the energies of the past few months bid farewell while you welcome these new and oh so excellent ones. You might also want to walk the perimeter of your main floor and/or living space in a clockwise direction. Stop in all the corners and clap your hands nine times. Clap them three times above your head, three times in front of your heart and three times in front of your belly. This will also clear and cleanse your space and get it ready for the wonderful month to come.

MARCH 2 ……… Venus is squaring off against her consort Mars making this a great day to review or revisit some sort of unresolved relationship situation. This sticky situation will find an easy solution now. That said, before you sit to have any sort of deep discussion you might also want to burn a little violet incense in your space. Known as the “happy” incense in Feng Shui, violet incense is believed to be able to lift moods, restore spirits and attract hope and optimism into the living space as well.

MARCH 3 ……… The shining Sun is sextile powerful Pluto today making this the perfect time for you and your gifts to shine, shine, shine too. You can get an invaluable assist from a person of authority or power now and this assist involves money, well, bring it on. But, first, make sure that you put nine one dollar bills, rolled up and tied together with nine inches of purple ribbon, inside a plastic bag. Then go ahead and put this bag in the refrigerator in order to manifest more cold, hard cash.

MARCH 6 ……… Joyful and generous Jupiter comes out of retrograde (HOORAY!) and starts moving direct again today. This means increased and improved profits, more and greater growth, health, happiness, justice and, oh, did I already say more prosperity? Go to any image search engine and download an image of Jupiter’s glyph. Replicate that glyph, in cornmeal, on the threshold to your living space. Leave it there at least twenty-four hours and then either allow it to just blow away or you can sweep it up if necessary. This will welcome all of the aforementioned energies of Jupiter into your home and your whole life as well.

MARCH 10 ……… Mercury the Messenger is squaring off against restrictive and limiting Saturn. Lay low. This is not one of those days to take your talents out for a spin. Oh, and don’t sign anything either. Unless you must. Then you have to use the Feng Shui ‘Prosperity Signature.’ Start by slanting the first letter of your first name up and to the right. Do the same with the last letter of your last name and make sure that the entire signature slants up and slightly to the right as well. Cosmic insurance for a shite sort of day.

MARCH 14 ……… Mercury the Messenger in a beautifully harmonious trine with impulsive Mars means that this is about as good as it gets for examining group related ambitions and goals. Go about your day repeating, silently and aloud, this power-packed F.S. Shinn affirmation: “I have a wonderful job, in a wonderful way. I give a wonderful service for a wonderful pay.” La la la la la la.

MARCH 16 ……… This is going to be another truly wonderful day. First there is a bright and beautiful Full Moon in Virgo supported by both Saturn and the Sun while Mercury the Messenger is harmoniously angled to Mars. Any decisions that you make today will be positive, productive and long-lasting too. Try it and see. Simply say “I decide to have the most fulfilling and satisfying life in the whole wide world” (or substitute whatever it is that you do want) and watch as exactly what you decided unfolds! It really is exactly that easy.

MARCH 17 ……… Nothing to report astrologically but it is Saint Patrick’s Day so I thought I’d offer a little tip to attract more luck into your life. Placing a red flowering plant outside of your front door, to the left of the door as you look at it, will bring you opportunities to grow more fortune and luck in your life. If you cannot put a plant outside of your door then simply put a small red dot at your eye level on the left side of the door jam and this will work equally as well.

MARCH 18 ……… Flirty Venus is SEXtile electric Uranus today making this a most LOVE-ly day. If you are single and looking then you could potentially meet someone significant and special and if you are already attached you might want to plan a fun night out? Either way, wear your heart on your sleeve and some ylang ylang essential oil on the pulse points on wrist and neck and go ahead and get lucky! I mean, this information IS all about getting lucky right?

MARCH 20 ……… Spring Equinox! Give thanks to the four directions for the gifts that they offer each of us. The East represents new beginnings and air awhile ruling mental and intuitive work. The South represents and fire and rules healing. The West connotes water and the womb and rules emotions and your subconscious as well. The North signifies the earth and rules growth and material gains. Thank each of them to bring their gifts into your life in a happy and healthy way.

MARCH 26 ……… Mercury the Messenger is trine generous and expansive Jupiter making this THE FIVE STAR SUPER STELLAR DAY OF THE MONTH. Now, you know you can only find out what to do to make this your luckiest day of the month if you are one of the Empowered Elite who receives my free monthly newsletter. What? You don’t get the newsletter yet???? What are you waiting for? Hop on over to and sign up to receive your very own copy. NEVER be without the SUPER STELLAR DAY info again!

MARCH 29 ……… Lovely and loving Venus is trine her consort Mars making this a great date night out! Wear something red. Whether we can see it or not (wink!)

MARCH 30 ……… There is a New Moon in Aries today. In fact, unpredictable Uranus will conjunct the Sun and this New Moon while also squaring off against Pluto too. Jupiter squares off against Uranus and opposes Pluto too. Yeesh that’s a lot of astro energy happening and makes this New Moon a MONSTER of a moon. Lay low. Keep it zipped and concentrate on ONLY what makes you happy. Resist becoming involved in anything (!!!!) that doesn’t.

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