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Lamar Reviews-Non Stop

Well it’s a new year and time for another Liam Neeson action movie. That is a type of movie that did not exist prior to 2008. Most stars his age are beginning to mellow out like a fine red wine. He on the other hand has turned into a can of Whoopass! It all started with the movie Taken and he ain’t quit ripping out spleens and snapping spines since. He’s got 2 more coming out this year but I’m afraid in 2015 he may be going to the well one time too many with the announcement of Taken 3. Maybe the dog is missing, a neighbor didn’t return the lawn mower, whatever it is I assure you he is ticked off. But for right now, it’s still working for him.

This is by no means a great, well written action movie. You have to be willing to accept some unbelievable turn of events including enough plot twists to give you whiplash. You have your standard airplane disaster movie clichés. The hero has suffered a personal tragedy which has led to a drinking problem.
There is an overworked business man, an off duty cop, a hip hop artist, newlyweds, a suspicious foreigner, an elderly couple, pilot is dating one of the flight attendants, and last but not least, a child traveling alone. Add that in the middle of the crisis the Hero’s boss doesn’t believe him and there is the red digital numbers ticking off how many minutes left to live. The only thing that saves this movie is Liam Neeson bringing some kind of legitimacy to the whole thing. Julianne more doesn’t hurt either.

This is not the same kind of plane I travel on. When I fly I have to turn sideways going down the aisle to keep from knocking somebody unconscious. These people are able to have a WWF barbed wire steel cage Texas death match in the isles and between the seats. This movie only works if they can get you to buy in and that is where Liam Neeson makes the difference. They interject just enough humor at the right time to let you catch your breath but not make what’s going on seem trivial. I think the most realistic thing in the movie is in the midst of chaos and outrage the mention of 12 months free international travel gets everybody to sit down face forward and shut up.

Rated PG-13 for violence and language. It’s an hour and 46 minutes long which is about right.

I’m giving it 4 Buds

It’s entertaining but it’s not going to change your life. I did see a movie that will change your life last night. Son of God. So Tom Cruise if you’re listening, try to catch that one this weekend, jump off the alien ship and come on home to the J-Team. Jesus ain’t mad at you!

Son of God gets the whole truck!

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