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Lamar reviews - The Lego Movie

The LEGO Movie

There was a time when Lincoln Logs were the thing and then the Erector Set came along. Now you won’t see them at a yard sale. LEGO took building toys to a new level. When we were kids we spent hour upon hour building, tearing down, and rebuilding LEGOs. As an adult with kids we spent hour upon hour working to make enough money to buy elaborate LEGO worlds for our kids. I don’t think you can consider yourself a true parent if you don’t have at least one scar on the bottom of your foot from what felt like medieval torture device but turned out to be a red LEGO brick.

Chris Pratt voices Emmett a yellow faced LEGO character that gets up every morning and looks at the instructions to see how to live his day. Bricksburg is controlled by President Business who’s alter ego is Lord Business and voiced by Will Ferrell. He hates any kind of creativity and makes sure everybody follows his instructions to the letter.
There is only one TV show that everybody watches called “Where are my Pants”. There is only one song that everybody sings called “Everything is Awesome”. He is in control of a secret weapon that will keep everything in its place. The only thing that can stop it is “The most extraordinary person” and Emmitt is mistaken for that guy. He joins up with other LEGO characters to save the world. Will Arnett is an awesome Batman. Liam Neeson is Good Cop/Bad Cop, a figure that has 2 faces that spin back and forth in his helmet. Elizabeth Banks is Wyldstyle, a heroic love interest for Emmett even though she is dating Batman. Nick Offerman is a Pirate.

This movie is genius but I’m afraid that people are not going to see it. From the surface it looks like another huge toy commercial aimed at selling a product to kids. Although it will sell LEGOS, it is does it in a snarky, satirical way.
LEGO is so confident in the strength of its product that it allows the movie to make fun of every aspect of the LEGO world. From the detailed picture instructions to the unending number of elaborate LEGO worlds.

This is a movie that works on two levels, like a Road Runner or Bugs Bunny cartoon. There is a level your kid will love and level that you will get.

It’s 100 minutes, Rated PG for mild action and some rude humor.

If you pass this up at the theater, and you shouldn’t, don’t miss it on DVD.

My Score: A full 6 Pack of Bud

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