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Ellen Whitehurst with Shuistrology for Love Month!


First things first – from February 6 until February 28, Mercury, the Messenger planet that governs all things communications, is going to be stuck in stall (or retrograde) in Pisces. So as soon as this month begins be sure to back up your technology including computers and any files you have stored in other places. Try as much as possible not to travel during this three week period as Mercury retrograde often causes significant obstacles and delays when trying to take a trip. For both of the aforementioned agendas, you may want to hang a clear quartz crystal over your computer for a little extra added cosmic support and, if you are traveling, download an image of the Mystic Knot and carry it with you as you journey. If, at anytime during your travels, you hit a snag or challenge, simply take out this image and rub your ‘power’ hand (the one you write with) over it in a clockwise direction three times. This will also guarantee you an invisible assist – and might even see your luggage land at the same place that you do. Everyone’s intuition is going to be on ultra high this month so listen to those gut hunches and, then, FOLLOW THEM! Work and professional relationships should go hand and hand and also go smoothly this month too although in personal ones you might find yourself going back and rehashing/reviewing some old issues. And your social life could see a big boost in February too – especially around Valentine’s Day when a Full Moon in Leo will light up everyone’s life! Look for the pleasures that this month has to offer and I can almost guarantee that you will most certainly find them! Happy Hunting!

FEBRUARY 6 ………. Mercury the Messenger going retrograde for the next three weeks also asks you NOT to purchase any big ticket items during this time frame or to sign any important paperwork. If you simply MUST sign something and you can’t put it off, then be sure to use the Feng Shui ‘Prosperity Signature.’ This signature says that you begin signing your name by slanting the first letter of your first name up and slightly to the right. Do the same thing with the last letter of your last name. And be sure, as well, to slant the entire signature ever so slightly up and to the right too.

FEBRUARY 11 ………. A sizzling Sun is squaring off against stinkeye Saturn today making for some potential stress and tension fallout. OR if you don’t encounter any additional stress or tension you might find that you’re being asked to shoulder some extra responsibilities. Either way, this planetary pissing match could certainly dampen your mood. And one more thing – I need you to remember this – especially today: CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is exactly that – constructive. So even if no one else is going to tell you today, I want you tell yourself: Go to any mirror and look directly into your own eyes and focus on YOU. Then, still staring into your own eyes, say “I LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU.” And mean it. I do too – love and appreciate you that is.

FEBRUARY 14 ……… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Energetic and active Mars in balanced Libra will support tonight’s powerful Full Moon sending beautiful and loving vibes to each of us. But, if you want to be a bit more proactive on the love front by using a Full Moon then do either (or both!) of the following: Standing and staring at the Full Moon, send a pink light from your heart to it and visualize the moon being infused with this pink light send straight from you. THEN, visualize that pink light coming back to you and filling your own heart as well. You can do this as many times or as long as you like. It’s a powerful meditation to get the attention of the ‘God of Marriage in the Moon.’ And, now, speaking of that same ‘God of Marriage,’ Feng Shui says that if you put a picture, painting or image of a Full Moon in the ‘RELATIONSHIP AND ROMANCE’ area of your bedroom (standing at the door and looking into the room, it’s the back right-hand corner) then you will attract or ratchet a relationship so that it lightens and brightens your whole life.

FEBRUARY 18 ………. While Mercury the Messenger is squaring off against restrictive Saturn today it might be best to lay low and keep it zipped. If you simply HAVE to have a discussion or conversation then take the following words to heart: watch what you say AND how you say it as well. Believe me you will SOOOOO thank me later if you hear THESE words in your head during this day. Now, if by some bizarre chance you didn’t take this advice and now have to smooth something over then put a container of ‘still’ water (meaning water that’s not moving) in your bedroom and leave it there for three days. This should calm and cool energies so that they, after the three day time period, start to ‘flow’ again. You can use this cure today or keep it in your Feng Shui ‘toolbox’ for whenever you need a little cosmic assist when proactively addressing a conflict.

FEBRUARY 24 ……… Lovely and vivacious Venus is sextile practical Saturn thereby blessing you with an increased ability to either earn additional or possibly even put away some money today. Let’s shore up those possibilities by using an affirmation that guarantees all same. As always, this affirmation comes from author F. Shinn’s annals and should be said both silently and aloud all this (and every other?) day long. The affirmation is as follows: “Infinite Spirit, open the way for great abundance to come to me now. I AM and irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by divine right.”

FEBRUARY 25 ……… Generous and lucky Jupiter is square unpredictable Uranus today possibly causing some unexpected expenses to pop up out of the blue. See yesterday’s advice and affirm away. Shinn always reminds us that “there is always plenty on man’s pathway; but it can only be brought into manifestation through desire, faith, or the spoken word.” SPEAK UP!

FEBRUARY 28 ……… A SUPERDEEEEEE DUPER SUPER STELLAR DAY! Now, you know the drill. In order to find out why it’s one of the more swell days of the entire year, you will first have to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter as that’s the ONLY place where you can find the SUPER STELLAR DAY info. Hurry and hop on over to and sign up now so that you don’t miss out on any other month!

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