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Lamar Reviews-Paranormal Activity-The Marked Ones

This is the 5th Paranormal movie since the first one in 2007. So far they have averaged over $180 million each and as long they make that kind of money they won't stop.

The big difference in this one is we have left all the white yuppies in the suburbs and moved to a Hispanic neighborhood in California. It would be great if this was done to reflect the mixture of the many races in America but that does not seem to be the case. The movie studio saw the Research showing that Hispanics are responsible for a third of the Paranormal Box Office. It also shows that Hispanics are 18 percent of the movie going public but they account for over 25% of the ticket sales. The only flaw in this thinking is the reason most horror movies are devoid of color is because only white people would do the stupid stuff it takes to get killed in these movies.

Andrew Jacobs plays Jesse and Jorge Diaz plays his best friend Hector and they have just graduated from High School. Hector gets a camcorder for graduation and he literally never puts it down. Jesse and Hector along with their friend girl Marisol played by Gabrielle Walsh discover some strange things going on downstairs in the apartment where a witch is rumored to live. When she is murdered by their friend the High School Valedictorian they visit the crime scene the next day. When Jesse wakes up with a strange bite on his arm weird things start to happen. Beginning with Jesse having super strength and a force protecting him from harm. He seeks answers from an old Simon Sez toy, as we all would. The one with the 4 different colors that flash and you have to remember the pattern. When he asks it yes or no questions it flashes green for yes and red for no. This replaces the Ouija Board from the first Paranormal movie.

Like the other ones this one relies on the "found footage" concept that was started by The Blair Witch Project back in 1999. This one stretches it to the limit. I find it to be very distracting. I’m sitting there going would you really keep filming? Like when 2 high school boys are getting robbed on the street by 2 Cholos and number one, these guys don’t steal the camera, and two, the Hector stands there and films his buddy getting the crap beat out of him. Then when these 2 high school kids roll up to a Gang Block Party with a camera filming everybody I’m curious why no one cuts their throats and sets them on fire. To be honest the Blair Witch thing was more believable. The whole hand held shaky, jumpy picture gets old after a while.

It is only 84 minutes, Rated-R for violence, language, nudity, and some drug use.

If you like these movies this is no better, no worse than the rest. If you have managed to avoid them this is no reason to start.

My Score: 3 Buds

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