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Lamar Reviews- Frozen

I wanted to go see the new Jason Statham movie but Todd said no. I wanted to go see Josh Brolin in Oldboy but Todd said “can’t do it”. So I wind up seeing a Disney animated musical. It’s hard to go from a Jason Statham mood to a singing cartoon. That being said, nobody and I mean nobody does this better than Disney. They invented it and they just keep making it better. When I say musical I’m not talking about a couple of songs from a current artist thrown in. I’m talking singing from the actors doing the voices complete with dancing.

When I told Carla what movie I had seen she “you do know you looked like an old pedophile sitting there by yourself.” Looking back I did notice that all the families sat way on the other side away from me. I thought they were respecting my space and not wanting their kids to annoy me. Looking back they must have thought I had a van in the parking lot with a sign saying free candy for hugs.

This is based on Hans Christen Andersen’s “The Snow Queen”. The story centers around 2 sisters, Queen Elsa played by Idina Menzel and her younger sister Anna played by Kristen Bell. Queen Elsa possesses power over ice and snow but cannot control it. Although they were very close as small children, Elsa closes herself off from Anna to keep from hurting her with the power she can’t control. Things go crazy at the coronation and the city falls under a frozen curse. Queen Elsa runs off to an ice palace on a mountain. Anna is determined to find her sister and bring back summer.

Most Disney animated movies follow a formula and considering the success of that formula I don’t blame them for not changing it. One familiar part of that formula is always death. If it’s Disney somebody is dying. Just ask Bambi’s Mom, Mufasa, or Old Yella. It’s not a matter of if somebody is getting killed, it’s just a question of who’s dying, when they’re taking their last breath, and how it’s happening.

When Anna heads off to the mountain she meets up with Kristoff an ice salesman whose business is off since everything is frozen solid. His Reindeer Sven is more like a big dog and is a great side kick. The other character they pick up on the way is Olaf a talking snowman who is the closest thing I’ve seen to Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. Unlike Jar Jar Binks Olaf does seem less annoying as the movie goes on and by the end I liked him. Again this is Disney and I’m not going to question their plan. The kids will probably love Olaf and the stuffed toy revenue he will generate would be enough to bail out Detroit.

It goes without saying that the animation is awesome. I can’t imagine that the 3D would be worth the money. Make sure you get there early because there is a bonus Mickey Mouse cartoon at the beginning and it is awesome!

This is a movie with really strong female characters so girls will love it. There is enough action, including a snow monster that will keep the boys interested.

108 minutes Rated PG for action and mild rude humor.

My Score: 5 Juice Boxes

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