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Lamar Reviews - Last Vegas

First we had The Hangover, then we had the ladies version which was Bridesmaids. Now we have the bachelor party movie aimed at senior citizens. This is a good news bad news situation for the theaters. The bad news is the age group this movie is going to appeal to are not big movie goers. The good news is after 4:30 in the afternoon the screen will be available for other movies. It also gives the concession stand some new marketing opportunities. Not only will Raisinets sales skyrocket because of fiber content, the new Defibrillator Combo consisting of large popcorn, refillable Insure, and Nitroglycerin Gumi Bears is sure to be a big hit. The best news is the movie is only 90 minutes long and with proper prostrate management trips to the bathroom should be minimal. I will warn you if you want one of the hearing impaired seats you’ll need to get there extra early.

What this movie is about is the cast. Just to watch Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline in the same movie is worth the price of admission. Especially with the AARP discount.

Billy, played by Michael Douglas is getting married to a woman half his age in Las Vegas. Archie, played by Morgan Freeman, Sam, Played by Kevin Kline, and Paddy, played by Robert De Niro all grew up with Billy. They have been best friends for 58 years. Sam and Archie want to throw Billy a bachelor party in Vegas. The problem is Billy and Paddy had a falling out and haven’t spoken for quite some time. They trick Paddy into coming hoping they can work out their differences. One of the key roles is a character named Diana, played by Mary Steenburgen. She is a lounge singer in one of the smaller casinos. She is smart and funny and both Paddy and Billy are attracted to her. Of course Billy getting married in two days complicates matters. This is a buddy movie about old guys hanging out in Las Vegas. We have a clip of the guys being shown into a luxury suite….

Is this a great comedy? No, but its way better than the last two Hangovers. All of its weaknesses can be excused because of the amazing cast that has never been on the screen together until now.

Rated-PG-13 because of language and sexual humor. There is also drug humor but it’s along the lines of a girl asking Sam if he has any drugs and he replies “does Lipitor count?”

This would be worth the money if it was nothing but Morgan Freeman reading the phone book while De Niro scowled at him. And trust me, you will never be as cool as Morgan Freeman dancing in a red suit.

My Score: 4 Buds