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Ellen Whitehurst's shuistrology for November


This month will be chock full of opportunities to finally start something new but you might want to wait until Mercury moves forward on November 10 before putting those plans into place. New projects, relationships, possibly even conceptions (ideas? baby?) will give you the impetus and the encouragement to continue creating something ab fab and wonderful. You don’t have to be a spell caster or psychic to predict that this month will also offer excellent opportunities to find YOUR right direction for the foreseeable and future. This inspiration is available and particularly applicable to those of us who may have been sitting on the fence of late. If you’ve been indecisive and unable to make definite decisions with crystal clear clarity then this month is meant for you. There will be guidance available now that will finally invite you to showcase your innate talents and all of your unique abilities.

Now, as for the financial markets – well, what can I say? As in so many other scenarios playing out in the current, these markets are ALL about manipulation these days. Deals are taking place behind the scenes and that makes it impossible for traders to place orders based on a clean market environment. There is no accountability that I can see being imposed here, particularly in the gold, Euro and dollar market, so, I’d just stay out. Not worth it.

As previously mentioned, Mercury the Messenger comes out of retrograde on November 10 and once that happens I strongly encourage each and every one of us to examine any new ideas that we’ve been having lately. If even ONE of them has a scintilla of being successful – pursue it. I promise the pursuit will be prosperous. One last – Thanksgiving should bring you plenty to be grateful for but it will be the days at the very end of the month that will lift your spirits and boost your mood. PLENTY TO BE GRATEFUL FOR!

NOVEMBER 1 ……… Today will be the last of the Pluto- Uranus squares until the next one occurs in April of next year. These squares have been trying to teach us, as a society, about fiscal responsibility (can you say ‘debt ceiling’?) and financial sagacity. With the Sun sextile Pluto today as well you may just receive some pretty good financial advice yourself. I’ll start that ball rolling. Take time today to consciously and intentionally be grateful for what financial blessings you DO have and watch as that attitude of gratitude attracts more money into your life. Works like a charm.

NOVEMBER 2 ……… Sun sextile Mars makes this an excellent day to get up and out and move it or lose it. Take a walk. Go to the gym. Do anything that gets energies moving. If you need a little impetus then drink a little oolong tea to put a little oomph in your step. Easy enough to swallow right?

NOVEMBER 3 ……… NEW MOON TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio. Normally might be good news but with taskmaster Saturn conjunct this New Moon while Mercury the Messenger is still retrograde, the messages could be mixed. Cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’ and you will just fine.

NOVEMBER 6 ………. Sun conjunct Saturn makes this a hard day. H.A.R.D. Don’t give into fear and face whatever you must in order to move past it and, then, move on. At anytime during this somewhat somber day go ahead and love yourself – like this: Go to any mirror and look at yourself in the eyes. Then, staring deep into your own eyes say these three little words – “I LOVE YOU!” They will have a BIG impact.

NOVEMBER 7 ……… Lovely Venus comes to save the (yester) day! Venus sextile Neptune lends a mystical and creative quality to the day and the night as well. Ring a bell or play some music in the ‘CHILDREN/CREATIVITY’ area of your living space. You can locate that same space by visiting and clicking on the Bagua link there.

NOVEMBER 10 …….. MERCURY THE MESSENGER GOES DIRECT! Resume your communications but don’t forget to send a pink light from your heart to infuse anything you write/text/email so it gets all the attention it deserves. Delays be gone!

NOVEMBER 12 ……… FOUR STAR DAY (not to be confused with the FIVE STAR SUPER STELLAR ONE that happens later in the month.) Pitch something. Sell something. Initiate something. And don’t forget to leave both the inside and outside front lights on for a consecutive three hours for three days in a row to guarantee success.

NOVEMBER 15 ……… Flirty Venus conjunct smitten Pluto. You are alarmingly charming and your charisma is off the chain. Dab on a little ylang ylang essential oil and get out and about. You’ll be the belle of the balls.

NOVEMBER 17 …….. Full Moon in Taurus should really light up your life thanks in part to the Sun in an ideal angle with generous and beneficent Jupiter too. Light a red candle in your ‘FAME’ area and let it heat up your reputation and recognition too. Burn baby burn!

NOVEMBER 19 …….. Energetic warrior Mars sextile expansive and generous Jupiter means that those talks you’ve been waiting on are now not only moving forward but could be moving to fruition. Schedule that meeting. You know the one. Don’t hesitate. Just do it. And wear some CROWN OF SUCCESS powder. Blend a quarter cup of cornstarch with a quarter cup of powdered sugar and add 33 drops of basil essential oil. Stir 33 times in a clockwise direction with the index finger of the hand that you write with and then, when you wear this, get ready to WOW them!

NOVEMBER 27 ………Mercury the Messenger trine fabulous Jupiter making this one of the best travel days of the whole year. Download an image of The Mystic Knot and take it with you wherever you go. It’s the best travel companion around.

NOVEMBER 30 ……... SUPER STELLAR DAY IS HERE! SUPER STELLAR DAY IS HERE! And you know that you can only access this super duper info if you are a subscriber to my free monthly newsletter. What are you waiting for? Hop on over to www.ellenwhitehurst.comn and sign up right this instant. Because – SUPER STELLAR DAY IS HERE!