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Lamar reviews - Carrie

I’m always skeptical when they remake a movie that was so good that 37 years later when you mention the name everybody knows exactly what you are talking about and they loved it. As a director why would you want to do it? It is impossible to make it better. And even if you did, nobody would admit it. Most of the time it winds up being a disaster, but not in this case. Make no mistake it is not better than the original. I can’t imagine how anybody could come close to Sissy Spacek in that role but Chloe Grace Moretz did better than you would expect as Carrie White. Julianne Moore also was excellent as her mentally disturbed, religious fanatic mother.

They pretty much followed the original movie to the letter. The biggest difference was the addition of the new technology that makes bullying somebody so much easier and so much worse. One thing that will help this movie is the fact that this generation is well aware of cyber bullying and this story will hit close to home for a lot of people. The movie was smart in not over using that fact. Carrie is an introverted girl who has been raised in a house where she is insolated from the outside world and smacked in the head with the Bible from time to time and sent to the Jesus closet to pray for forgiveness. Now let me take a moment to speak to any unsaved, lost, heathens; as a member of the J-Team I want to assure you that this is not the norm. If you want to join our winning team we won’t smack you with a Bible or lock you in the closet. What we will do is keep you out of the burning pit of Hell. Now, back to the review. She has no friends in school and just tries to stay under the radar. After gym class while she is taking a show she has her period for the first time, and since her mom has not told her about it she thinks she is dying. She freaks out and starts screaming. All the girls start making fun of her while throwing feminine products at her. All of this is caught on a cell phone and posted on the internet. When one of the girls feels bad about the incident she wants to make it up to her by getting her boyfriend to take Carrie to the Prom. One of the other girls is banned from the prom and blames Carrie for it. She plans revenge on Carrie. This is where the movie differs from the original. In this movie once Carrie starts having episodes with her powers she goes to the library and studies it. She then starts to practice and develop it. So instead of a being terrified and having the power take over and work off of her emotions she directs it at the people who are treating her bad. This includes dealing with her mom who doesn’t want her to go to the prom.

It’s a little over an hour and a half, Rated R for bloody violence, disturbing images, language and some sexual content.

It is not a bad remake and it will make anybody who has not seen the original want to check it out. Everybody does what they’re supposed to and it doesn’t suck.

My Score: 4 Buds

Photo Credit: chantel beam photography via Compfight cc