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Lamar reviews-Runner Runner

This is another good news, bad news movie. The good news is Justin Timberlake does a great job being handsome, funny, and charming. The bad news is Ben Affleck does a good job at being a handsome, greasy, pompous jerk. They are both doing what they do best. More good news; the movie is about the intriguing world of gambling concentrating mostly on Poker. The bad news is it’s not the sexiness of cards on felt tables inside luxurious casinos with well dressed people making huge bets. It is online gambling where fat sweaty men sit around in their underwear and lose their child support money.

Justin Timberlake plays Richie who is paying his Grad school tuition at Princeton by commissions he gets from signing up fellow students to online gambling. When the administration shuts him down he bets all of his money online to pay his tuition. He is an excellent Poker player and when he gets beat he realizes he was cheated. He gets the evidence to prove it and heads down to Costa Rico to get his money back. There he meets the owner of the site Ivan Block played by Ben Affleck. Block is impressed that he was both able to prove he was cheated and managed to get in to see him. He offers Richie a job that is too good to be true working for him. By the time Richie realizes Block is a sleaze ball criminal that is only in business because he pays off the politicians and police it’s too late.

Of course Block’s right hand person is a beautiful woman named Rebecca, played by Gemma Arterton, and they have a relationship. Of course she hooks up with Richie, and of course that is another bad idea. I don’t blame her, if I was with Ben Affleck, and trust me, that would never happen, I’d leave him in a second to hook up with Justin Timberlake.

The FBI wants Richie to help them nail Block, will he? Block has leverage on Richie, will he use it? Richie loves Rebecca but can he trust her? Will NSYNC ever hear from Justin again or was the VMAs really Bye Bye Bye?

Let’s skip all that and ask the really big question. How in the world can anybody possibly think Ben Affleck should be Batman?

The final good news is it’s only 90 minutes. It’s Rated R for language and some sexual content but not much. Sadly ladies no naked Timbelake.

My Score: 2 Buds