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Lamar reviews- Gravity


Never has a space movie seemed so real. The movie opens visually to the enormous vastness of space and to absolute silence. The only sounds you hear are the radio communications between Bullocks character, Clooney's character, and Mission Control which is voiced by Ed Harris. Unlike other movies in space like Star Wars and Star Trek, when something blows up in this movie, it doesn't make a sound. That one detail makes the predicament they're in even more terrifying! The cutting edge special effects, all computer generated, are so enormously fantastic that you don’t notice them. You go back and forth from experiencing the huge emptyness of space to the claustrphobic feeling of being inside in the space suit. My friend Pat and I saw it in 3D and you know my opinion of 3D; I don't like it. It makes everything dark and the overuse makes it cheesy. Not only is it not worth the money, it makes the majority of movies worse; unless the title of the movie includes the word Piranha. Gravity is the exception! I never thought I would say these words but, do not, under any circumstances see this movie in 2D.

IMAX would be preferable. This is not a movie to watch on your iPad or to pick up at Red Box, unless you have a 70 inch flat screen and you are prepared to set with your face 13 inches from the TV, risking a brain tumor or possibly growing a third nipple from radiation exposure.

Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a scientist repairing a satellite while Matt Kowalski, a veteran astronaut, played by George Clooney, is flying his last mission. Clooney does his normal Danny Ocean character, this time wearing a space suit instead of a tux. I swear the less he acts the better he is. I would have never in a million years cast Sandra Bullock in this movie but she was awesome, as good if not better as any role I've seen her in. As Dr. Ryan is making the repair Kowalski is making laps around her and the space shuttle with a jet pack, while listening to country music and regaling Mission Control with stories they've heard before. A Russian satellite has been destroyed and debris is coming at them at 50,000 mph. When all is said and done Dr. Ryan is flipping end over end through space and Kowalski has to rescue her and make their way to the International Space Station as they run out of oxygen.
When the space debris started flying out of the screen towards me I was diving and ducking. I wanted to look around and see if everybody else was doing the same but I was too busy dodging big chunks of flying metal. This was a pivotal moment for me. I realized if I'm ever in a situation where it hits the fan, sadly instead of the hero, I'm going to be saving my own butt, sorta every man for himself.

Once the tension starts it never lets up. All plans for escape seem very plausible and each disaster that happens is very believable.

The movie is only 91 minutes long, Rated PG-13 for disturbing images and strong language.

My Score: A full 12pk of Ice Cold Budweiser!