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Ellen Whitehurst's shuistrology for October


Okay, so, alright. There will be some harsh astro aspects happening this month that might make others around stamp their feet while potentially making your own stress levels shoot for the moon. Oh, the Full Moon Eclipse. Let’s not even go there or to the New Moon bullshit happening early in the month either. But there – that’s the worst of it. Well, that and Mercury going retrograde end month. I swear, I’m really done with the doom now. Because there are other really great things happening this month too. I mean, what could be so bad about a month that has a whole day dedicated to collecting candy? And don’t a one of you tell Mark Hyman that I just said that either. Look, if you just don’t try to push water up the river you’ll end this month stronger and wiser than when it started. The reality is (yes, yes, someone call PETA because I’m about to beat this dead horse again) that YOU define your own – reality that is - and, heads, you create it too. If you don’t create and define but, rather, allow others to determine how you live, then you better be hanging around with some really superior peeps. Otherwise, well, just sayin’, you know?. There will be days this month where you will completely and totally AND unexpectedly find yourself in the exact right place at the exact right time with the exactly perfect people all around. They won’t be pushing your buttons or getting on your last nerve either. No siree. This month your circuits might be overloaded BUT some wishes will be granted too. Just play well with others and then the excitement and anticipation about heading into a new and different cycle rule the day. Well, certain ones anyway. If it makes you feel better to call others on their stuff then go ahead and do it. But, I wouldn’t if I were you. If I were you I’d be reading what I wrote below, keeping a low pro when the days demand and, then, firing on all cylinders when circumstances call for it. READY! AIM! You know the rest.

OCTOBER 1 ……… Yes, yes, Mercury the Messenger is trine Neptune so big and inspirational ideas should come quite easily IF the Sun wasn’t square Pluto putting a monkey wrench into what would have ordinarily been an extraordinary day. How about you keep your ideas (and your opinions) to yourself for a few days – while also keeping the peace? And you can do that last thing by putting a wooden or ceramic bowl of apples on the kitchen and/or dining room table. According to Feng Shui apples lend themselves to creating a peaceful, harmonious environment and even though they might keep him away, today, that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

OCTOBER 3 ……… Uh oh. No, really, uh oh. Sun opposition Uranus makes this a potentially challenging day – especially where relationships could be concerned. Do you need more independence or, conversely, is not enough closeness the issue? Do spend time thinking on that very question today lest the Universe step in and make that decision for you. You may also want to say the following prayer from angel archeologist and author J. Cornug: “I am my divine, harmonious relationship NOW made manifest.” That about says it all – now you should do the same.

OCTOBER 4 ……… I never thought that I’d say this in a New Moon day but now, and for the next two weeks, try not to begin anything new. There are some badass energies swirling around these first few days but they won’t last but so long. Until then, lay low and stay close to home. While you’re there, how about decluttering a closet or pulling old cans and stale stuff out of the pantry too? These efforts will help to streamline all of your others ones so that you don’t get caught up in the chaos and drama. Of course, just CHOOSING not to will accomplish the same thing, but, I like the decluttering idea just the same.

OCTOBER 6 ……… Finally. Sweet relief. Mercury sextile Pluto and the energies shift in your favor. So will any bartering or haggling you do today too. And if you are looking to attract more money for future purchases then go ahead and put 27 one dollar bills in your wallet today too. The Feng Shui gold standard for magnetizing mo money.

OCTOBER 8 ……….Mercury the Messenger whispering sweet nothings to practical Saturn in Scorpio. If you are committing to something financially do be sure to consider every outcome and result. If you are the least bit apprehensive, just let it go. And if it sounds to too good to be true, then, it probably is. If you do decide to sign on the proverbial dotted line, at least use the Feng Shui ‘Prosperity Signature.’ You begin this signature by making sure that the first letter of your first names ends slanting up and to the right. That’s exactly the same way that the last letter of your last name should head as well. And, then, the entire signature should slant slightly up and to the right too. The write stuff.

OCTOBER 10 …….. Flirty Venus square imaginative Neptune means that you might be smitten with someone very special. And they you. Wear rose quartz jewelry or even keep a pair of rose quartz hearts next to your bed. Chances are they won’t be the only things getting closer to that same space either.

OCTOBER 12 ……... Sun square Jupiter and all is well in your world. Pamper yourself and get ready for some better energies coming very soon. Wash any worries down the drain and create a fresh slate. Fill a tub to halfway and then drop seven different flowers into the water (no thorns please!) and let them soak for twenty minutes. After that time, fill the tub to full and now you soak for twenty minutes too. At least. This is a fabulous chi restoring and rejuvenating Feng Shui bath that promises to blow the blues away while also recharging your batteries and your mood.

OCTOBER 14 …….. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our Canadian friends! We are grateful that you are here!

OCTOBER 15 …….. Mars enters Virgo while also entering into mutual reception with mercury until December 4. Can’t you just feel the energies starting to shift and your own initiative starting to rise? Take a brass bell (or any bell for that matter) and, starting at the front entryway, walk your living space in a clockwise manner ringing the bell. Stop in the corners and ring it nine times there. Once you end up back at the front door ring it nine more times for good measure. Ring out the old, make way for the new. It’s a comin.’

OCTOBER 16 …….. Venus trine Uranus makes this the most perfect day to socialize, socialize, socialize. And wear red. Period. WEAR RED. Or don’t say that I didn’t tell you! WEAR. RED.

OCTOBER 18 …….. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries. Could be a tense and testy day as information and potentially even secrets come to light. At least now you’ll have everything you need to make informed choices and decisions. Keep an adaptable attitude and a flexible schedule today and you should weather it just fine. Keep saying this Flo Shinn affirmation as well: “I expect the unexpected. My glorious good now comes to pass.” And, then, it will.

OCTOBER 19 …….. Mars opposition Neptune. Check the facts. And then make sure that you have a small crystal ball on your desk. Absolutely magical and makes everything, well, crystal clear. This could even be a small glass clear marble. Women place it on the upper right hand side of a desk and men put it upper left. Makes everything crystal clear and that will be of utmost importance on this day. Good to be us. Yes, yes, good to be us.

OCTOBER 21 …….. Mercury goes retrograde. Put plans on hold until you tie up loose ends and revise away. It will make for a stronger and more winning project, proposal and/or pitch. Get rid of all old texts, emails and voicemails while you’re at it. You’ll thank me later. I promise.

OCTOBER 25 …….. Sun trine Neptune! Sun trine Neptune! Get ready to rock! Because that’s how we roll. An original, inventive, ingenuity laden day! Write some new goals, nine times, in red ink. Three times in the morning, three times at the midday and three times in the evening time. Focus on them all the day long (and until Mercury comes out of retrograde in three weeks too.) Read them several times a day for the next 21 days. It’s magic I tell ya, pure magic.

OCTOBER 29 …….. Mercury conjunct Saturn. DON’T SIGN ANYTHING TODAY. But if you must then see the advice offered on October 8. Waaaaaay applicable for today as well.

OCTOBER 31 ……... HALLOWEEN! Just treats. No tricks. Which is why it’s also this month’s SUPER STELLAR DAY! Check your newsletter for that empowering info.