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Lamar reviews-Baggage Claim

There is so much wrong here I'm not sure where to start. Paula Patton is a beautiful and talented actress who has shinned in quite a few films in supporting roles. It makes sense that she would get a shot at starring in her own movie. Too bad it was this one. Paula plays Montana Moore, a gorgeous 30 something year old flight attendant who has trouble finding a man. The idea that a woman that looks like her can't get a man is about as likely as saying a bacon cheeseburger couldn't persuade me to eat it. Like that could happen!

What we have here is a movie that not only sets women back 50 years; it does it using every tired cliche in the romantic comedy play book. The fact that Montana is in her early thirties, has a career, her own apartment, and not married is very troubling to her mother who is on her fifth husband. But the fact that her 21 year old sister is getting married in 30 days is disgraceful. Montana does the only sensible thing. She takes the advice of her two best friends who of course are a slutty oversexed woman played by Jill Scott and a flamboyant gay guy played by Adam Brody. The plan is to stalk ex-boyfriends through the airline reservation system and make sure Montana is serving on that flight so she can meet them. As I watched her throw her self at these guys, Taye Diggs included, sleeping with some of them within a few hours of speaking to them, I think I figured out why she wasn't married. It's simple, no man worth marrying wants to settle down with a Ho that has this little self esteem!

As in all romantic comedies, the first guy we see, which in this case is her best friend since elementary school, that she shows no romantic interest in, is the one that she ends up with, after the 20 minute race to the airport. Now some people might consider that a spoiler. I say, if you don't know how this movie is going to end by the time you watch the first 7 minutes, then you lack the mental ability a person should have to be driving a car! So you should stay home, watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and marvel at June's awesome parenting skills, and leave the roads safe for the rest of us.

In this day and time the Idea that a woman cannot be a complete without being married to a man is crazy. The idea that you have to marry the first one you can find in 30 days is ridiculous. Ladies, let me ask you, anytime you have made a quick, spur of the moment, rash relationship decision under pressure about a man, how did that work out for you?

96 minutes, Rated PG13, and a total waste of time and talent.

My Score: 2 Buds, and that’s only because you have Paula Patton and Taye Diggs on the screen at the same time and them is 2 hot people that are nice to look at.