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Lamar reviews - Insidious Chapter 2

You know The Family opens this week with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, but could I go see it? No says Todd, you can see that next week. I’m pretty sure I could have waited 3 weeks and caught Insidious Chapter 2 on DVD, but nothing to do but see it now!

A lot of time sequels, especially horror movie sequels can stand alone and seeing the first one is not a pre-requisite. That would not be the case for this movie. I didn’t see the first one but I did do the research on the first one and it does look like they continued the story line. In the last movie Josh, played by Patrick Wilson has to go to the realm of the dead to rescue his son. This movie picks up where the first one ends. Again people in these kinds of movies don’t react like people would in real life.
They move back to Josh’s childhood home where weird things happened to him as a child. And low and behold wierd things start happening again! When she confronts Josh he tells her not to worry about it and try to get back to a normal life. If I said that to my wife she would stab me in the ear with an ice pick, and be packing the car before my dead body hit the ground and made a stain on the carpet, but they stay in the house. When her son hears dead people talking to him over a string and tin can, they stay in the house. When Renai and Elise her mother-in-law, played by Barbara Hershey, notices Josh acting stranger by the day, they stay in the house. When the baby’s walker with battery operated lights and music turns on and flies across the floor for the umpteenth time, if they are going to stay in the house at least take the batteries out to stop the noise.

The first half of the movie is very confusing because not only do we travel back and forth between the mortal world and the spirit world, we also travel back and forth between the time Josh was a boy and the present. Plus we do all this while going back and forth between 2 haunted houses and a haunted abandoned hospital. They try to inject some humor With a couple of ghost buster type characters in a van But it's a lame attempt.

The last half gets pretty scary but that might just be me. I'm not be the best judge of what’s scary, The M&M Halloween commercials make me a little uneasy.

An hour and 45 minutes long, Rated PG-13

Unlike the hangover Franchise If you saw the first Insidious you probably need to see the second one.

My Score: 3 Buds

Photo by ... Matt Kennedy