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Lamar's Review- The Getaway


I always wonder at the beginning of each year what will be the worst movie I see, that doesn’t have Adam Sandler in it? I’m very confident in saying “We have a winner”!

Getaway is less of a title than a warning.

If this is the same Ethan Hawke that was in Training Day he just didn’t fail to read the script, he must have been Roofied, pillow cased, and driven to the set in the trunk of a car!

I’m assuming that Selena Gomez was trying to advance her move into more adult roles by using out of context cuss words as dialog in this movie. Her performance made just a little less sense than the Miley Cyrus foam fingered Twerking debacle.

Ethan Hawke portrays former NASCAR driver Brent Magna which sounds like a character from the Flintstones. When Magna arrives at his home in Sofia Bulgaria, where most NASCAR car drivers go to live, he finds his house in a shambles and his wife missing. He gets a call to go steal a car and follow all instructions if he ever wants to see his wife again.
The car is an amour plated Ford Mustang GT500 Super Snake that is outfitted with 40 cameras inside and out. He receives his instructions from the voice of John Voight coming out of the GPS. The instructions have him crashing into water trucks, driving through street vendors, outdoor cafes, and outdoor ice skating rinks, without harming a single individual. He is being chased by the Bulgarian Police who are constantly being shown his location by the voice. So what you have here is a car chase movie that has no destination for the car. We are introduced to The Kid, played by Selena Gomez when she tries to take the car by gun point while wearing a baseball cap and a hoodie. The cap and hoodie which are supposed to give her street cred wind up making her look like a junior high school girl hanging out at the mall thinking about trying her first cigarette. It turns out that the Mustang is her car bought by her rich banker Daddy. She also happens to be a computer whiz.

The most acting that Ethan Hawke had to do was to maintain the worried look of a man whose wife is going to be murdered. I think he was able to accomplish that by thinking of what this movie was going to do to his career.

Longest 89 minutes of my life. Rated PG13 for violence and beginner’s bad language.

My Score: 1 Hot Zima which like this movie should be….unavailable 1