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Lamar's Review- Wolverine


You either love X-Men and these kind of movies or you don’t. If you love X-Men then Wolverine is probably your favorite. If he’s not we can probably not be friends. If you are part of the group that loves these movies you’re going to see this regardless of what I say so Ya’ll go ahead, enjoy it and have a big time. This review is aimed at a smaller group. People that might not be big fans of X-Men/Wolverine type of movies, but they like Hugh Jackman.

If you watch Hugh Jackman as Jean ValJean in Les Miserables you love his performance. This is the Hugh Jackman that can sing, dance, and bring a very serious role like that to life. As Wolverine Jackman’s role doesn’t have songs and meaningful dialog that tugs at our hearts. What he does have are Adamantium blades coming out of his hands. Two roles that require totally different acting abilities and he nails them both.

This movie deals more with his immortality that is brought about by his ability to heal himself of any wound. He saved a Japanese solider during the bombing of Nagasaki. Now that soldier is the head of the largest company in Japan and he is dying. He sends for Wolverine so he can thank him for saving him, and to say goodbye. He is also interested in Wolverine’s immortality. Wolverine battles the Yakuza, ninjas, samurais, and a giant robot. There is also another villain. Viper, a woman that is poison and has the ability to suck the essence of life out of you; which reminds me of my first marriage but that’s another story.

His physical shape is phenomenal! Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson put him on a diet of 6000 calories a day so he could gain a pound a week. He should have called me. I’d have put him on 6000 calories a meal and he’d never have to get out of his car. Just roll down the window.

A little over 2 hours Rated PG-13

The fight scene on top of a train going 200 miles per hour and the scene after the credits is worth the price of admission.

My Score: A full 6 pack of Bud