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Lamar Reviews - Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

I may be the only person in the country that was not looking forward to seeing Pacific Rim. This is one of the rare times when most other critics like something more than I do. It did wind up being better than I thought it would but I still didn’t find it to be anything special.

The film opens seven years after the first Kaiju destroyed San Francisco. A Kaiju is huge amphibious dragon looking alien that came out of the sea and looks sorta like Godzilla. It was defeated but a few months later another one showed up and attacked Japan. They settled into a pattern of showing up and destroying coastal cities. The good news is it did make ocean front condo living way more affordable, but at the same time both deadly and uninsurable. The countries of the world put aside their differences to build Jaegers. Now let me stop for a moment and clarify to Todd and all the Todd wannabes. When I say Jaeger I’m talking about fighting robots that are 25 stories high, not the dark liquid shots. You know the ones that caused you to wake up with ugly people, or attractive people to wake up with you, and was the catalyst for most of you bad decisions.

The Jaeger requires two people to strap themselves in and the robot mimics all their movements. For this to work their minds have to sync up by way of the Drift, which opens up a complete mental exchange between the two brains. It brings on a dream like state in your mind. Again this sounds like a Todd Saturday night but without the smoke haze and empty Cheez-it boxes.

Charlie Hunnam who plays Jax on Sons of Anarchy stars as one of the Jaeger operators. After a tragedy in battle he quits the program and disappears. When the Kaijus adapt to fighting the Jaegers and start to appear with more frequency the Government abandons the program and decides to build a wall around the countries to keep the aliens out. I think we all know how that is going to turn out since it has worked so well in the past. The General tracks down Becket for one more mission to save the world.

The CGI is probably awesome. I say probably because all the cool fights between monsters and robots happen in the dark when it’s raining. Honestly I couldn’t pick out a Kaiju in a lineup of Ninja Turtles. If you are going to have cool monsters with teeth that bite through hard steel, a tail with a sharp claw, and can vomit up something that can melt iron (which again sounds like St. Patrick’s Day at Todd’s) it really ought to be bright enough to see it. At least in the old ones where the guy was in the rubber Godzilla suit stomping balsa wood cities I could see him.

Honestly for me it was like watching a cross between a Transformers movie with the picture off and an old Godzilla movie where the words match the lips. Add the fact that it is 2 hours and 11 minutes long it seemed like a long experience to me. That being said Carla went with me and loved it so maybe it’s just me.

PG-13 for bloodless violence you can’t quite make out.

My Score: 3 Buds