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Lamar reviews-Man of Steel

I haven’t said this in a while but this is a movie where I wouldn’t suggest the large bucket of soft drink unless you posses kidneys of steel. There really is no good place to go to the bathroom in this 2 ½ hour extravaganza. Well, you could go in the last 15 minutes which are spent with our indestructible hero and the villain who can’t be hurt punching each other through office buildings three at a time. But by then your urinary tact is locked up and you’ve lost the feeling in your legs so what’s the point?

This movie retells the origin of Superman since it hasn’t been told in a movie for 35 years. Russell Crowe plays Jor-El Superman’s father. When his planet Krypton is going to implode he builds a ship and sends his son Kal-El to earth so he will survive. Kal-El is found by Jonathan Kent played by Kevin Costner and his wife Martha played by smoking hot Diane Lane. They name him Clark and raise him as their own son. Because of the Earths sun Clark develops super powers including remarkable strength, speed, X-ray vision, and nothing can harm him. He tries his best to keep all of this a secret as he is growing up but from time to time circumstances force him to use his powers to save people. When he grows up he leaves home and travels across the country taking odd jobs. He works until his powers are revealed and then he moves on.

Star reporter of the Daily Planet newspaper Lois Lane played by Amy Adams is working a story where the military discovered something under the ice at the North Pole. It winds up being a scout ship from Krypton and she runs into Clark while he is also checking out the ship. He saves her life and leaves. She searches him out and he tells her he is afraid to reveal himself because the people of earth would not understand and they would fear him. She’s cool with that but Zod played by Michael Shannon and his cohorts also from Krypton show up and demand that Earth turn over Clark or they will destroy everything. Of course Clark agrees but Zod can’t be trusted. His plan is to destroy the people of Earth and rebuild the Krypton race.

The biggest problem with Superman has always been he is indestructible so what can hurt him? And when he is fighting someone equally indestructible you just wind up tearing things apart.

The back-story is very interesting and well told. The action is awesome but after it goes on for so long it gets redundant. You will find yourself asking “why didn’t they do that sooner?” a lot.

2 hours and 29 minutes Rated PG-13

My Score 4 Buds