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Dad's Craziest Moment winner.. 6-14

"Dad's Craziest Moment" by Amanda Price from Savannah, GA:

The craziest thing my father has ever done happened about 9 years ago when our family was celebrating Thanksgiving. It was the day after Thanksgiving and my entire family was doing some Black Friday shopping at a mall in Marietta, GA. The family was all together around noon, when the mall was most likely at its busiest, when one of my uncles spotted the Abercrombie and Fitch models posing shirtless in front of the store. For reasons that the rest of us have never been able to figure out, my father and my 4 uncles proceeded to take their shirts off and join their models as they posed for the crowd. As you can imagine, this drew quite he crowd of onlookers as most of my uncles are not exactly what you wold call "model material." However, I am comforted by the fact that my father was the most fit of the men (other than the models of course). As if that weren't enough, they then decided to add the final touches of putting on elf hats and holding my aunt as she sprawled across their arms for a picture. The thought still haunts me to this day and I'm assured the memory will never fade as everyone has plenty of pictures of the event.