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Dad's craziest moment winner 6-13

"Dad's Craziest Moment" by Laura Baker from Lexington, SC:

When I was 10 years old, we took in a stray cat. He was beautiful, gentle and friendly. I loved him. My brother was allergic, so Kitty had to live outside. The fleas became a huge problem in the summer. My dad is a very sweet, thoughtful man, and he worried that Kitty was uncomfortable. We tried flea collars and powders, but nothing worked. We had only owned dogs until this point. When they would get dirty or flea-ridden, we'd just bathe them. My dad thought the same thing worked with cats.

My brother's friend, David, was over at our house one day. David's family owned several cats. He told David that he was thinking of bathing our cat. He asked how his family bathed their cats. David had a very dry sense of humor. He told my dad, "Oh, we usually just tie them up to a tree and spray them with the hose." My brother and I snickered.

An hour or so later, we heard a horrible noise. We rushed outside to find Kitty tethered to the tree while my dad sprayed him with the hose. Neighbors slowly drove by watching the spectacle on the front lawn…their mouths open. We screamed for my dad to stop. We told him David was only kidding. He turned bright red and asked, "Well, why didn't anyone tell me that?"

He released poor Kitty. The cat ran away for several days, but eventually came back. He never was the same after that day.