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Dad's craziest moment 6-12

"Dad's Craziest Moment" by Kara O'Donnell from Lebanon, OH:

My dad was always obsessed with how clean and shiny the car looked. Before every vacation he would spend hours detailing the car, inside and outside. This particular year we were going camping, which required him to put four bikes in a bike rack on the roof of the car. My brother and I helped as best we could, hefting the bikes up while dad fastened them carefully to the rack. Then, it started to rain. Not thinking about the four bikes that had been attached to the roof of the car, my dad hustles out of the house, jumps in the driver's seat, and backs the car into the garage. Of course that caused the bikes to come crashing over the windshield, scratching the paint and ruining the bike rack in the process. My brother and I watched in horror, knowing that it would inexplicably be our fault. But he just quietly got out of the car, shook his head, and started repairing what he could. My father just passed away a couple of months ago. I miss him so much, and I cherish all of the crazy moments that make us laugh now. And of course he kept the cars in perfect condition up until the very end.