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Dad's craziest moment 6-11

"Dad's Craziest Moment" by Catherine Gonzalez from Americus, GA:

My dad has always been my hero. There was nothing he didn’t know or couldn’t do. He was a scoutmaster and coach and always helping us with science projects or repairing things around the house. This is a story about how he showed the family how far he would go to take care of us all. We lived in Florida, in a neighborhood that was bordered by woods. We would frequently find rabbits or turtles or even snakes in the yard. One night when I was about 13 years old I woke in the night to a strange sound. I don’t remember what I thought at the time but I knew that there was something in the bedroom with me and it didn’t belong in the house. I woke my older sister who woke my parents and the lights started flipping on all over the house. My dad was searching for the intruder. It was not long before my dad called out that he had it cornered. Soon afterward, we all knew exactly what IT was. My dad had gone eye to eye with a skunk, and grabbed it bare-handed! You can guess the result. My dad claims he never smelled it. I suspect that the spray was so toxic that it burned out his sense of smell. The rest of us were not so lucky. The back half of the house was contaminated. We ended up sleeping in the living room with windows open but you can guess that it didn’t help much. We figured out that the skunk had come in through the dryer vent and of course my dad fixed it really good.