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Lamar Reviews- The Purge

This is another preview I watched with dread, knowing Todd would want me to see it. The trailer totally creeped me out with the masks. I was positive that it was going to be off the charts scary. It was more disturbing than scary. I did jump and scream like a 12 year old girl a few times but you can’t go by my reactions all the time. I have been know to get on edge watching a Nicholas Sparks movie.

The concept of the movie is interesting. It’s the year 2022 and violence in America had gotten so bad that a few years ago they did a reboot with the idea of The Purge. It is a one time a year, 12 hour period from 7PM to 7AM, where all types of violence against each other is not only accepted but encouraged. Doing so is supposed to get it out of your system and the rest of the 364 days and 12 hours the country can live in peace and harmony. Over the years it has worked and the crime rate is down to 1% and the economy is flurishing. Everybody seems to love the idea except of course for the people that are on the receiving end of the violence and killing. There is a huge industry in selling protection to the people that can afford it. As you would expect the victims turn out to be the disadvantaged, the poor and the homeless that can not protect themselves. This is an angle they could have done more with but didn’t. As you go through the movie there are big "what if", and "why not" plot holes but if you are going to accept the yearly 12 hour "Purge", you have to be willing to go with the rest.

The family we are concerned with consists of James the dad played by Ethan Hawke. Mary, the mom, played by Lena Headey from Game of Thrones. Daughter Zoey and son Henry played by Adelaide Kane and Tony Oller. James is the top salesman at his company and he has sold everyone is his neighborhood a system. When the Purge starts they lock down their house for the night. The most terrifying aspect of the movie is the fact that the daughter is dating an older boyfriend that her dad doesn't approve of. He sneaks into her bedroom to see her. Let me say, this guy don’t want me catching him in my daughters bedroom on Tuesday, much less on the only night of the year where I can leagaly gut him like a carp. When the son hears a homeless man begging for help he lets him in. A group of rich kids, led by a creepy guy played by Rhys Wakefield, shows up at the door and wants them to hand him over.

The homeless guy is hiding in the house and they can’t find him. The father is faced with a moral delima. Does he turn the homeless guy over to save his family or does he protect an innocent man? Again this is a subject that could have been delt with in more detail. Once the group breaches the house the killing and the blood starts flowing. There are a couple of twists and surprises that either help the movie or destroys it depending on what you think about them.

85 minutes Rated R for violence and language.

My Score is 3 Buds.