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Bob & Sheri's Dad's Craziest Moment Winner

Kyle Martina from Rochester, NY:

One night at dinner our 7 year old daughter was excited to tell us about a new book she had read at school about this awesome “pussy cat.” After referring to the character as a “pussy cat” several times, my husband asked her what the difference is between a “cat” and a “pussy cat.” Our daughter did not know, so we grabbed the dictionary and learned that adding “pussy” to “cat” infers that the cat is small or slight. So our daughter said “Oh! So, we can call Una (our puppy) a pussy-dog!” We laughed and explained that the word really doesn’t work that way. She was convinced that it should though, so we had to tell her that she is not to use that word except with the word cat. Period. She finally agreed and a few moments passed before my husband says nonchalantly…. “Plus, it is a nasty word for a woman’s vagina. So, we don’t really want you to say it.” Oh my God! I just about died!