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Lamar Reviews - Now You See Me

This movie was not what I expected on a few levels. First off I thought it was going in the direction of magic being performed with the assistance of some sort of time warp, worm hole, or teleportation angle. It did not, and after discussing my theory with a few other people I discovered I may be the only idiot on the planet that felt that way. My other major surprise was Mark Ruffalo. I was sure he would kill the movie with his whinny ass, hangdog, "I'm about to cry, please don't break up with me", wet blanket, mood killing, how can he be The Hulk self! He depresses me in every movie he’s in but by the end I didn’t hate him as much as I usually do.

We meet the cast one at a time showing off their talents. Daniel played by Jesse Eisenberg is a street illusionist using a card trick to seduce a woman. Merritt played by Woody Harrelson is a smartmouthed mentalist running a scam on a cheating husband. Jack played by Dave Franco picks pockets by using slight of hand tricks, and Henly former assistant to Daniel, played by Isla Fisher, is a stage illusionist. Each one gets an invitation from an unknown person offering them a chance to get into a secret society known as The Eye. All they have to do is follow his instructions. We next see them performing as The Four Horsemen at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Their show is bankrolled by entrepreneur Arthur Tressler played by Michael Caine. They are being watched closely by Thaddeus Bradley, played by Morgan Freeman, who makes a living exposing the secrets of magicians. In this show they seemingly rob a bank in Paris of 3 million Euros by magic and give it away to the crowd. They are arrested by FBI agent Rhodes played by Mark Ruffalo. It’s very uncomfortable watching Ruffalo as a scruffy ticked off FBI agent making threats. He is joined by an Interpol agent played by Melanie Laurent. There is not enough evidence to hold them and they follow the four to their next shows hoping to catch them.

There is a little cheesy dialog and you have to accept some things and not think about them too much. But the movie moves at a fast pace and everyone does what they are supposed to do. It’s easy to forgive some flaws when you get to see Morgan Freeman and Michale Caine, who have 11 Oscar nominations between them, in the same movie.

I enjoy magicians and the whole idea of magic, I always have. The reason I like it is because I don’t spend all my time trying to figure out how it’s being done, I sit back and watch it happen. Now You See Me is one of those movies that has to be watched the same way. Yes, in real life this could never happen. Yeah, and Hogwarts ain’t a real school and Harry Potter can’t make stuff happen by pointing a limb off a Chinaberry tree at it. That don’t seem to keep people from painting lighting bolt scars on their kids heads and standing in line at midnight to buy the books and see the movies.

Let’s be honest, the majority of critcs are not going to love this movie. They’re going say it lacks character development. They’re going to say the different twists are simplistic and transparant. I say if they would pull that stick out of their butt, get an overpriced popcorn and drink, and just watch the movie to enjoy it they might have a good time. I did.

My Score: 5 Buds