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Lamar reviews - Hangover III

I was absolutely positive there was no way this movie could be anywhere as bad as Hangover 2. The last time I was this wrong was my first marriage!

The good news is, unlike Hangover 2 it is not a copy of the first one set in a different place. The bad news is with no hangovers, no blackouts, and no working backwards to find out what happened what you have is a convoluted mishmash that has exceeded Hangover 2 as the worst sequel since every American Pie sequel.

The movies are supposed to be about four guys, Phill, Alan, Stu, and Doug. Well, you can't really count Doug, played by Justin Bartha. He only appears in the first few minutes and at the very end of the movies. Doug is like the guy wearing the Red Shirt on the Away Team on Star Trek. He's the Tito Jackson of R rated comedies. He's taken hostage in the first 15 minutes and he's never missed. If you add up his total screen time in all 3 movies I'd be shocked if it was over 12 minutes. In the first we got just enough of Chow (played by Ken Jeong)to want more. In this one by the first 40 minutes you'll have a lifetime supply. Speaking of too much; that's the amount of Zach Galifinankis I got from number 2 and I received a double dose in this one. Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms do absolutely nothing in this movie. The only difference between them and Justin Bartha is they are on screen.

The story such as it is starts off with Alan killing a Giraffe by decapitation causing a massive pile up on the interstate. The family decides that he needs to be sent to Arizona for counseling and Phil, Stu, and Dough agree to take him. They are waylaid by Black Doug from the first film and his drug dealer boss Marshal played by John Goodman. It seems Chow stole 21 million in gold bars from him and disappeared. Marshall figures the easiest way to find him is through the wolf pack so he takes Doug and will kill him in 3 days if they don’t get back his gold. Yes this has absolutely nothing to do with the Hangover concept. No there is nothing funny going on in the entire movie. Yes it is a complete waste of time.

You should avoid this like a Vegan Bar-B-Q.

My Score: 1 Hot Zima.....