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Lamar Reviews The Great Gatsby

Lamar the People's movie critic joins Bob and Sheri with his review of the Great Gatsby...

Lamar the People's Movie Critic reviews the Great Gatsby...

The Great Gatsby

I was not all that excited about this movie. I watched the Robert Redford version that was made in 1974. All I remembered was it was long and Redford was cool. Imagine my surprise when my son Gabriel a high school student and my daughter Alex a college student started asking me about this movie 6 weeks ago. They studied the book in school and couldn't wait to see the movie. They took dates and away we went.

Even though I wasn’t thrilled about seeing the movie when I heard Leonardo DiCaprio Was playing Gatsby I said man that's awesome! Then I saw Toby Maguire was going to be In it. And I'm like “oh man really?” It's like being invited to a really cool party and then finding out “that person” is going to be there. You know the one I'm talking about? It's the guy that makes to much eye contact with you and when he talks he never blinks his eyes. He sucks the oxygen out of the room. Sorta like Toby did to the excitement of Spiderman. But much to my surprise he was perfect for the role of Nick Carraway, Gatsby’s only true friend.

At first I thought the movie was over the top. What do you expect when you hire the director of Moulin Rouge? And it is over-the-top but they make it work. And they stay true to the book.

You hear about Gatsby for almost 30 minutes before you actually see him but when you do, oh my goodness. It may be the best close up I've ever seen! I don’t want to get too crazy but that shot of DiCaprio with that sly smile on his face may be the best looking thing on this planet. When I say that I’m including all genders, babies, puppies, and plates of bacon!

In a nutshell, DiCaprio is a super rich guy who came from nothing and where he got his money is a mystery. Years earlier he fell in love with Daisy, a rich girl played by Carey Mulligan. He had no money and went off to seek his fortune only to return and find out she married another man. Everything he has done is a effort to get her back.

Tobey Maguire playes Nick Carraway who is Daisy’s cousin and conviently lives beside Gatsby.

As Gatsby uses Nick to get to Daisy they become fast friends. We see the story from Nick’s prospective. I have to say Tobey Maguire is made for this part.

For some ridiculous reason this movie is in 3D. So we go from Jackass 3D to The Great Gatsby 3D. This means 3D is offically out of control. I didn’t see it in 3D thank goodness. I don’t think I could have handled that first look at DiCaprio in 3D.

The kids absolutely loved this movie. And not expecting to so did I. It’s 2 hours and 23 minutes Rated PG-13. This might actually get my kids to read another book, and for that reason I’m giving it 5 Buds.