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Lamar reviews-Iron Man 3

The first Iron Man was awesome! Watching Iron Man 2 was like drinking a beer not made by Anheuser Busch; I could get it down but I needed something to get the taste out my mouth! Then like the rich flavor of an 18 year old Single Malt The Avengers came along and I loved Iron Man again! Then they announced Iron Man 3 and I was afraid that after following The Avengers it might be a disappointment. It is not. It really made me think of the last Batman, The Dark Knight Rises. Just like you saw more of Bruce Wayne than you did Batman, in this movie Tony Stark gets more screen time than Iron Man.

After the big fight in New York helping The Avengers he's changed. He has trouble sleeping, nightmares, and panic attacks.

A terrorist called The Mandarin has surfaced and is blowing up crowds of people while threatening The president. He is played by Ben Kingsley and he manages to do what most actors cant. He stands out in a movie starring Robert Downey Jr. He absolutely steals every scene he's in. There are a couple of twists that really highlight Kingsley. This is a very different villain from what Iron Man has faced in the other two movies. You do keep wandering why The Avengers don't show up to help Iron Man, especially after his palatial bachelor pad is completely destroyed. They explain this by saying this is a USA problem and The Avengers have bigger global things to worry about. That really doesn't hold water but its as good as anything else they could have come up with.

After his house is destroyed Tony Stark finds himself re-grouping and spending some alone time on the East Coast. He meets A kid named Harley played by Ty Simpkins and they bond by helping each other. The kid is very talented and they have great chemistry. We also get a little deeper in the relationship between Tony and Pepper. Pepper gets drawn into the physical action and Gwyneth Paltrow actually gets to put on the Ironman suit.

If anybody knows where I can get one in a size 6 let me know, Mother’s Day is coming up.

In interviews Robert Downey Jr. Has said his contract playing Iron Man is up and is doubtful he will do another Iron Man movie. If that is the case this would be a good one to go out on.

2 hours and 10 minutes long and Rated PG-13 for action and violence. The is a brief clip at the very end but you have to sit through 8 minutes of credits to see it. I'm not sure if its worth it or not. You will have to decide for yourself.

My score is 5 Buds. It's still not The Avengers but it’s awesome!