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Lamar Reviews-Oblivion

It’s ironic that the title of the movie is Oblivion. Because we all know that’s where Tom Cruise is headed if he doesn't jump off the Scientology rocket ship to eternal damnation and climb on board the J train and get some Jesus in his heart!

That being said the man can act. You have to say what ever movie he's in and what ever role he's playing he gives it everything he's got. And let's go ahead and say he just keeps getting better looking every year. He celebrated his 50th birthday while shooting this film. He'll be 51 this July and he doesn't look that much older than when he did Top Gun in 86, which means maybe Scientology is a good news bad news deal. The bad news is spending eternity doing the backstroke in the lake of fire. The good news is looking is like Tom Cruise right up till you dive in.

This is certainly not the greatest science fiction movie you'll ever see, but its one of the most visually beautiful. It has borrowed from a few other apocolyptical movies using New York City landmarks for effect. The year is 2077 and 60 years ago aliens destroyed the moon which caused devistating events like tsunamis, earthquakes, and worst of all, a Kardashian's reunion show from which the world could not recover. The aliens invaded and the humans defeated them but, with nuclear weapons. The earth was ruined. The human race moved to one of Saturn's moons. Jack, played by Tom Cruise and his partner played by Andrea Riseborough are in charge of keeping deadly armed drones in working order so they can protect the water extraction project that is vital to human survival. The drones search out the alien scavengers who try to destroy the extraction project. Jack is constantly having dreams of memories of New York City in the year 2017. He dreams about a woman. When a ship crashes on the surface the loan survivor is Julia, played by Olga Kurylenko. She turns out to be the woman he’s been dreaming about. While chasing what he thinks are scavengers he's captured by a group of surviving humans led by Morgan Freeman. Tom Cruise is a great actor but Morgan Freeman is on a level by himself. He tells Jack some things he needs to know. At this point the movie gets a little squirrelly but Cruise and Freeman bring it back around.

Jack patrols the planet in a bladeless helicopter and he gets a couple of cool “Top Gun” maverick scenes. There are some plot holes but there’s plenty of action to distract you. The movie was released at the perfect time. It’s good enough to enjoy now but if it had come after Iron Man 3 and Star Trek it would have gotten lost. Speaking of lost, Tom Cruise my friend, sadly that is what you are. Come on back to the J Team, his arms are open wide. Eternal security can still be yours.

2 Hours Rated PG-13 for action and some language.

My Score: 4 Buds.
The movie is not awesome but it was fun and it’s got Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise. I’ll tell you what is awesome, Jesus. Come on back Tom, we need you.