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Lamar reviews- Evil Dead

One of Todd's greatest pleasures in life is sending me to a bloody horror movie because he knows how much I hate them. Most of the time that is the case, but not this time!

This is a remake of the 1981 Sam Rami low budget ironic horror masterpiece. The original is one of my favorite horror movies because it has the perfect mixture of over the top bloody violence and sly ironic humor. The small budget and really bad acting really makes it work. This is the movie where Bruce Campbell who stars in the TV show Burn Notice really got noticed. He is one of the producers of this movie and has a cameo after the credits, if you can stay that long. I did not. The original had a budget of $350,000. This one came in at $17,000,000 which is 48 times as much. With that much money you would have thought somebody would have remembered to pick up a sense of humor. Without the dark humor this movie is nothing but over the top killing scenes. There is a wide varity of those. Hammers, shotguns, razor knives, nail gun, electric kitchen knife, chain saw, burned alive, and buried alive. And then there’s the blood. It is the most blood I’ve ever seen in a movie. Honestly there is more blood in this movie than in two Quentin Tarintino films. This is why you need the humor. You have such over the top violence and so much blood that it goes past scary to ridiculous but they keep playing it straight serious.

If you watched last year’s Cabin in The Woods where they exploited every basic horror cliche’ then you will recognize most of those in this movie.

When you are in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and it has a celler filled with dead cats hanging from wires it’s probably time to go home. When you run up on a book bound with human skin and sealed up with barbwire I'm sure your first thought shouldn’t be "boy this is cool! There must be interesting reading inside this!" And of course when you see the demonic drawings you chant the written words you don’t understand. Then when the demon possesed girl tells everyone you’re going to die in the voice of Satan himself you keep going down in the celler.

The one bright spot in this movie is Jane Levey who stars in Surburatory. Although she shouldn’t be doing this movie she is awesome in it. She has a big carreer ahead of her.

It’s rated R and thankfully it’s only 91 minutes long.

People who don’t know any better will like it. People who love to see gallons of blood splattering across the screen will love it. If you haven’t seen the original, please do.

My Score: 2 Buds