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Lamar reviews - Dead Man Down

At first I wasn’t sure what the movie was about based on the title. Since Zombies have overtaken the Vampires in popularity I was thinking it Colin Farrell might be the walking dead. I was wrong but not by much. When he and co-star Roomi Rapace, meet for the first time after weeks of waving to each other from their apartments he seemed to have the conversational skills of a brain dead zombie. Roomi plays Beatrice, a girl whose face is disfigured with scars she got from a car wreck caused by a drunk driver. The long awkward pauses in their first conversation will drive you crazy. You figure after they get to know each other it will get better, it does not. Normally I would have an audio clip but when they are together it takes about 3 minutes for them to speak any kind of thought between them. The first 30 minutes is slow and somewhat confusing. It reminded me of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which had the same director. Once it gets going it really is a riveting good movie until the last 15 minutes.
Then it turns into an action movie complete with wrecked cars, explosions, and one man against 15 guys.

The story line is Colin Farrell is Victor who is muscle for Alphonse, a thug played by Terrence Howard. He has worked his way into the mob after Alphonse was responsible for killing his wife and little girl. He is systematically stalking Alphonse while working for him with the plan of revenging his family. Beatrice has a separate plan on getting revenge for her scarred face. The two separate plans bring Beatrice and Victor together.

Noomi Rapace is a very interesting actor with a face that lends itself to these kinds of roles. In The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo she had all the facial piercings and crazy hair. As I said in that review when she first showed up I was like “what is going on with all the metal in her face?” 35 minutes into the movie I was asking Carla if she had ever considered a few piercings and a couple of well placed tattoos. The same with this movie.
At first the scars were off putting but after a few minutes you realized it gave character to her face. I think her face lends itself to being more beautiful with flaws.

Colin Farrell does a good job as the grieving husband and father looking for revenge. Terrence Howard is awesome as the cold blooded criminal. And Noomi Rapace is always fun to watch. The problem is the overall movie is ok. Not great, but ok. You could easily wait for the DVD.

1 Hour and 52 minutes, Rated-R for violence, language and sexual situations.

My Score: 3 Buds