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Lamar reviews - Oz the great and powerful!

OZ The Great and Powerful

I would normally not go see a movie about The Wizard of OZ since it traumatized me so deeply when I was a kid. When I was a kid it came on one time a year on a Sunday night and I dreaded that night every year. My parents watched it every year and thought I should love it. Flying freaking monkeys? I don't think so! The only thing scarier was the witch. Every year I would sit on the couch with my eyes closed and ears plugged until the end when she got doused with water.

Now was there a real need for a prequel so that we can understand where the wizard of OZ came from? For me personally, no. But some people may have that need.

The good news is James Franco brings the same charm,charisma, and excitement to the roll of OZ as he did in his performance in Spider-Man 3 and as co-host of the Oscars. The bad news is James Franco brings the dame charm, charisma, and excitement to the roll of OZ as he did in his performance in Spider-Man 3 and the Oscars. Seriously, I think this could have been a lot better movie with the right choice of or the roll of OZ. Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr were both offered the roll which would have changed everything. Lets just go ahead and say that is true with every movie. I'm pretty sure they would get offered the lead roll in Norma Rey.

We start the movie in sepia tone as James Franco is a small time magician/con man/womanizer in a traveling carnival. His sidekick is played my Zack Braff. He gets in trouble with the carnival strong man and jumps into a hot air balloon right as a tornado hits. He lands in the magical land of OZ which is in vibrant color. This is a movie that probably benefits from 3D. He meets Theodora played by Mila Kunis who is a witch. She has a sister Evaanora played by Rachel Weisz. He thinks they are the good witches and they want him to kill the witch Glinda who turns out to be the good witch.

A little over 2 hours rated PG. Kids and anyone who loved Wicked will probably enjoy it. It just never grabbed me and I think it may the wet blanket also known as James Franco.

My Score: 3 Buds