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Lamar's Review Identity Theft 3-1

Identity Thief

Boy when I first saw the trailer for this I was excited. Jason Bateman is one of my favorite comedic actors. He plays the mild mannered family man that is surrounded by idiots in a terrible circumstance better than anyone I know. He was so awesome on Arrested Development which they keep saying is going to be a movie but it hasn’t happened so far. Melissa McCarthy is THE hot comedic actress right now and she is awesome. She was on Gilmore Girls which I did not watch but I never miss her on Mike and Molly. She is awesome on TV and when you turn her loose like in Bridesmaids she takes it to another level. Her ability to do physical comedy is unmatched by any actress I can think of. There is not a baton twirling beauty pageant contestant that can touch her on doing a split. Here’s the problem, she hit a homerun with Bridesmaids and then scripts start coming from everywhere. Some good and some not so good. This one was not so good. I don’t blame her for not turning it down. You have to go for the money when you can get it and its got Jason Bateman in it.

I found out to really bad things when researching for this movie. The bad thing is Melissa McCarthy is rumored to be in Hangover 3, the worst thing is, there is actually going to be a Hangover 3.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever sat through and I did laugh a few times. You can clearly see how talented she and Bateman are but the script is just not there. The concept for the movie was good but there was too much going on in too many different directions.

The story is Jason Bateman is an accountant in a large firm that is treating the employees terribly. A group decides to go out and start a new company with Bateman as a VP. His identity is stolen by Mellissa’s character and she is spending like crazy on parties, jet skies, appliances.

Because his credit is ruined he’s going to lose his job and because she has linked his ID to a drug dealer he may go to jail. His only hope is to take off to Florida and bring her back to clear his name. The funniest part of the movie is the road trip but it could have been so much funnier.

They handle this sorta like a romantic comedy in the fact they hate each other in the beginning and become close friends by the end. Both stars give great performances they just don’t have much to work with.

A little less than 2 hours, Rated-R for bad language and sexual situations. This is not one for the kids.

My Score: 3 Buds