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Lamar reviews-Safe Haven

Safe Haven This movie stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough. First off good looking does not describe it. I'm talking hot, hot, hot and and about as sexy as you can get. And Julianne Hough is really cute too!

Other Critics are trashing this movie but not me. First I'm looking at it through the eyes of female Nicholas Sparks fans. Second you have to be careful trashing movies. If you trash Twilight the worst thing that will happen is a bunch of 14 to 17 year old girls will write snide remarks about you on Facebook. I was in a theater full of grown ass women that love Nicholas Sparks won't have any qualms about tracking you down and stabbing you in the spleen with their car keys. Say what you want but Sparks knows his audience and knows what they like. The biggest female fantasy the books and movies meet is a hot good looking man that actually listens to them, without interrupting and giving advice. He knows when to come close and knows when to step back. He protects and is jealous but too jealous, just enough. Ladies I hate to break it to you but that creature is just a little bit harder to find than a Unicorn that speaks Mandarin!

Julian Hough is Katie a girl running away from something that is explained in bits and pieces as the movie goes along. She moves to a small town on the North Carolina coast, gets a job as a waitress and rents a house out of town. She meets Alex played by Josh Duhamel who is a widower with 2 kids and runs a store. He tries to get to know her but she is reluctant because of a violent relationship she has fled. But let’s face it, it’s Josh Duhamel, how long can you turn him down. Add to that him being a single dad with 2 small children, then go back and add again that he’s freaking Josh Duhamel! What’s a girl gonna do. We have a clip of them canoeing and she asks him about getting over his dead wife.

Yeah, critically this dialog is not going to win an Oscar. But according to the huge amount of sighs in the room, sadly including my own, what this is going to do is make a ton of money and guarantee the next Nicholas Sparks book will become a movie. That will be number 9. So listen close my fellow critics; you can trash him all you want to but I don’t think he cares, and I’m sure all the fans don’t care. I’m not sure what other movie critics make but I’m pretty sure Nicholas Sparks is doing way better than me!

Every movie made doesn't have to be an Academy Award winner or change the world. They don't even have to make you a better person or teach you a lesson. What they do have to have is an audience that loves them and is willing to give their time and money to go see them. Nicholas Sparks has found the sweet spot and he ain’ letting go no time soon.

It’s right at 2 hours, Rated PG-13 and you’ll want to have a few tissues with you, especially at the end.

On the Nicholas Sparks/Ladies Mental Porn scale, My Score is: 5 Glasses of Red Wine

Ladies, leave your man at home. Unless you are married to me, and your not. Or unless your man is like me, and I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.