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Lamar reviews- A good day to die hard

Good Day to Die Hard

I love Bruce Willis, and I love the Die Hard movies and believe you me, it pains me to say this. When it comes to the box office this week Bruce Willis is going to hear Josh Duhamel say “Yippee Kay Yay Mother Russia”. And it is due to a couple of factors. On Valentines Day if you are a man stupid enough to skip the flowers, forget the card, and to try to sell your wife the idea that going out to eat is a waste of money; surely you wouldn’t take your wife to this instead of Safe Haven. The other reason, sadly, is this movie sucks. I can’t believe I’m saying that but it’s true.

All other Die Hard movies have been an attempt at serious drama with a ton of action. The circumstances were pretty wild but if you reached out they were believable. This is not the case with A Good Day to Die Hard. From the get go Willis is playing this like a joke and honestly once I realized this was a take off on the Die Hard concept I actually enjoyed the movie more. I think it would have been a better movie if Bruce Willis had gone ahead and winked at the camera.
In fact I think if he had gone ahead and broken the fourth wall and talked to the audience about how ridiculous this whole thing was this might have been a hit. The problem is they try to sell this as a serious addition the Die Hard franchise and nobody is going for it. I can assure you that there is nobody that loves this franchise and the John McLane character more than me and I was really disappointed.

The stunts were unlimited both in money spent and any kind of believability. I know in this kind of movie you have to expect them to stretch the limits of what could actually happen but there is a line and not only did they cross it, they went so far they can’t even look back and see the line.

This is supposed to be about the broken relationship between John McLane and his son Jack who he hasn’t heard from in years. He finds out he is on trial in Moscow and is going to get a life sentence. He goes over to see what he can do only to find out his son is a CIA agent and is in prison to break out a guy with a file that can stop a corrupt Russian official from taking over.

Past that it gets really unbelievable and ridiculous. Like I said if you go see it do so knowing this is not a serious movie. It is a farce and should be viewed as such. If you take that attitude you might enjoy the action.

137 minutes Rated R for crazy violence and language…..

My Score: 2 Buds which is as low as I can go with any movie that Bruce Willis is in cause he’s my guy.