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Lamar Reviews- Warm Bodies

The most over done genre of movies is the Romantic Comedy. Writers and directors have come at this kind of movie from every angle but you’re still left with the same formula. Boy and Girl have some sort of meet cute experience and either hates each other on sight or there is a huge problem that keeps them apart. They manage to overcome the barriers and find each other only to be torn apart. This leads to one chasing the other to some form of transportation and stopping them from leaving so that they may live happily ever after. It seems like every scenario has been done twice. Director Jonathan Levine has found a new angle by using Zombies from the book Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.

Basically this is the story of Girl meets Zombie and her love sparks something in him that brings him back to life. I have read the argument that the idea that a girls love could bring a real zombie back from the dead to human form is ridiculous and could never actually happen. I’d like to remind these people that since zombies don’t really exist their argument is invalid. Once you buy into the walking dead, eating people to stay alive, and only being able to be killed by a head shot, you pretty much have to be open to anything.

What really makes this movie work is the voice over by the main character R played by Nicholas Hoult who was in About a Boy and X-Men First Class. He’s a zombie and most of his communications consists of “urrrr.”

The girl that is going to save him is Julie and she is played by Teresa Palmer who was awesome in I Am Number 4. Our couple doesn’t meet in the traditional way of a romantic comedy. Julie meets R as he saves her right after he kills her boyfriend and eats his brain. For some girls this would be a sticking point but Julie does a good job of not letting this get in the way of the new relationship. Some women are better at justifying things than others. In this movie when a zombie eats someone’s brain he gets to experience their memories. This mean R has an idea of who Julie is and is immediately drawn to her for something other than a food source. To complicate matters even more Julies dad played by John Malcovich is the man in charge of keeping the humans safe by killing all the zombies.

If you think about it a zombie and an average guy have a lot in common. They have limited emotion, lack the skill to communicate, and will eat anything as long as it’s meat. This is the ultimate female fantasy. A zombie is the perfect guy to be fixed by a woman’s love. And honestly ladies, that jacked up guy with no job, a substance abuse problem, and anger issues you married because you saw a ton of potential in him, and was sure the love of a good woman could fix. You'd have a better chance with a zombie.

Yes his name being R and her name being Julie has the Romeo and Juliet feel. They even have a balcony scene.

It’s 97 minutes and Rated PG-13 for some zombie violence. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it will make a fun if somewhat odd Valentine date movie. It’s still a better love story than Twilight.

My Score: 5 Buds